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Here at Topaz Labs we are excited to announce the release of our 15th photo-editing program, Topaz Impression! (Get 25% savings here.)

CupsWorking as a standalone editor as well as a plugin, Topaz Impression transforms your photos into realistic looking works of fine art…oil painting, graphite drawing, watercolor, you name it! With Impression you can choose from 14 different digitally simulated brushes and 72 textures to create your own unique masterpiece.

Why ‘Impression?’ you might ask. The name of this program was inspired by the style of painting called Impressionism that emerged in France in the mid-19th century. Impressionism was a reaction to Realism, a form of painting that aimed to depict the subject exactly as shown. Tired of focusing on reality and the ego, painters like Monet, Renoir and Degas branched out of the norm and paid less attention to a scene’s details by painting with sketchy brushwork and thick strokes (impasto). Paint would rapidly be laid onto wet paint, as the Impressionists were inspired by the lighting and color around them and wanted to capture it as quickly as possible before the day ended.

While a photo is a record of a moment in time, Topaz Impression alters this reality, allowing you to creatively change this realistic recording of light into a new work of art. From impasto oil paintings to charcoal drawings to Da Vinci inspired sketches, it’s your turn to be the artist!  

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