When a program contains over a thousand photo effects, the thought of choosing just one might seem like a daunting task, unsuited for the indecisive. The modern day dilemma of choosing between the Instagram filters X-Pro II and Valencia extends to a wide array of choices in Topaz ReStyle.

Yes, Restyle contains around one thousand photo effects, if not more. To create these special filters, a cutting-edge process was used to map the color and tone statistics from various source images into effects composed of five colors.12 Photo Effects You Must Know AboutAlthough ReStyle contains an assortment of effects to choose from, here at Topaz we’ve sorted through the masses to present to you the twelve photo effects that you should definitely know about. (If you’re new to ReStyle, download a free 30-day trial and check out this tutorial on using the search features to locate the listed effects).

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Guest Article by Alister Benn

7 Essential Tips for Winter PhotographyFire and Ice, Scotland

Making the Most of Winter

If we look at seasonal advertising, TV marketing and movies as an indicator – the world is crazy about snow. As kids we pressed our faces up against the windows, watching as the giant fluffy flakes drifted down and transformed our mundane reality into a winter wonderland – the home of Jack Frost, Snowmen and adventures of our imagination.

One of the eternal joys of making a living as a photographer, is I can continue to explore the world with that sense of wonder and express those emotions in my images.

With a few straightforward tips and techniques we can make sure we max out our opportunities in these snowy months and make some images that really capture the magic of the winter landscape.

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