Jim LaSala is a fine art and documentary photographer with some of his most notable and recent work coming from the streets of Haiti and Cuba.

With the ability to capture the human condition in its most natural form, LaSala’s strong communication skills with strangers is an essential quality for any photojournalist or aspiring street photographer to strive for.

LaSala is also a fine art photographer, merging this artistic style into his documentary photography through post processing.

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Order of out chaos

Greg Basco is a fine art nature photographer who had originally found his way to Latin America as a researcher for politics and the environment. Having first visited Costa Rica while in the Peace Corps, followed by work as a conservation professional, Basco is now a full time photographer and owner of Foto Verde Tours in Costa Rica.

More than just a simple documentation of nature, Basco’s style can be classified as fine art. His work has been published in a variety of publications, from National Geographic to Newsweek to The Nature Conservancy.

Read on for some crucial tips from Basco on how to capture spectacular images when placed in a tropical rainforest with limited light. (And also view some beautiful images!)

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An accomplished architect and fine art architectural photographer, Julia Anna Gospodarou has shared with us her knowledge on using the tilt-shift lens when specifically working with architecture. It is not the easiest lens to use, however she has broken it down for us, offering exclusive tips on how to optimize the use of the tilt-shift lens.

So, if you’re looking to obtain straight vertical lines (as compared to slanted ones caused by a wide angle lens), read on for your guide to using the tilt-shift lens.

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