At the age of ten Scott Stulberg’s father gave him the gift of a film camera. What he describes as opening Pandora’s box to the realm of photography, come adulthood Scott would switch his career as a landscape designer to that of a professional photographer.

Today Scott focuses on travel photography, taking pictures and selling his images to stock agencies such as Corbis and Getty images. He also teaches photography courses and workshops across the globe and is the author of the book, Passage to Burma.

Having just returned from a photography workshop in the South of France, read on to see his beautiful images of the indigenous Camargue horses and other inspiring photographs from around the world…

Inspiring Travel Photography by Scott Stulberg

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Wildflowers have been inspiring for ages, from the likes of painters such as Monet and Van Gough, to many thousands of years ago where they were used to dye Egyptian fabrics and decorate the halls of royal palaces.

With a rich botanical diversity, these flowering plants are a symbol of growth and life as the winter turns to spring. Take a trip around the world and check out these flourishing wildflowers. Can you identify them all?

25 Gorgeous Photos of Spring Wildflowers - Sunset Over Tulip Field, Woodburn, Oregon, © David Gn PhotographySunset Over Tulip Field, Woodburn, Oregon, © David Gn Photography
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