We love the change in seasons at Topaz and fall foliage colors are one of the many things we love about autumn! Check out our favorite images created by Topaz users just like you:

1. This Breathtaking Scene

Topaz Fall Foliage: Gary R. Hook

Photograph by Gary R. Hook
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Gary said this image was captured just outside of Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Clarity and Texture Effects were used, along with Lightroom/Photoshop.

2. These Stunning Maple Leaves

Topaz Fall Foliage: Barbara Geiger

Photograph by Barbara Geiger
Website | Instagram

Barbara took this photograph earlier this month of a pair of leaves on a young maple tree that had turned a brilliant red with the coming of autumn. Editing was minimal but she applied a texture and, of course, used Topaz Impression to add a painterly effect.

3. This Romantic Tunnel

Topaz Fall Foliage: Charlie Choc

Photograph by Charlie Choc
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Charlie processed this image of the tunnel on Laurel Creek Road in the Smokies twice; once with Topaz Impression 2 to enhance the colors and then again with Topaz Impression 2 to give it a painterly look.

4. This Brilliant Canopy


Photograph by Mark Davis
500px | Instagram

Mark captured this brilliant image of colorful branches with Color 2, Topaz Glow, and Topaz Simplify!

5. This Breathtaking View

Topaz Fall Foliage: Rob Brazier

Photograph by Rod Brazier

This image from Heritage Mill, called Autumn Glory was created with Topaz DeNoise, Detail, Glow & Impression.

6. This Awe Inspiring Horizon

Topaz Fall Foliage: Scott Oatley

Photograph by Scott Oatley

Here’s a 3 image panoramic from Scott’s Fall 2012 trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. He used LR for basic lens corrections and setting black/white points, then used Topaz Detail to capture sharpening and Topaz Adjust to adjust adaptive saturation. Scott used Hugin to create the panoramic.

7. This Cozy View

Topaz Fall Foliage: Flick Coleman

Photograph by Flick Coleman

Flick made this image with Impression! This shot is from Merepoint, across Merepoint Bay to Birch Island, Maine.

8. This Foggy Morning

Topaz Fall Foliage: Barbara Kile

Photograph by Barbara Kile
Website | Instagram

Barbara created Foggy West Virginia Morning by using Topaz Adjust to selectively provide detail, followed by Buzz Sim to soften parts of the image. Then she added a texture by French Kiss Textures, followed by Topaz Impression 2.  Barbara then used a ‘pastel’ paint for softening, masking out on the parts of the image she wanted sharp.

9. This Cheery Path

Topaz Fall Foliage: Beth Fox

Photograph by Beth Fox
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Beth, a visual artist, captured this image at Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia and edited it with Topaz Simplify.

10. These Warm Surroundings

Topaz Fall Foliage: Kevin Forti

Photograph by Kevin Forti
Website | Facebook | Instagram

This photo is from Kevin’s walk into the woods in back of his home in Middleboro, MA. He could not help but to notice how amazing the color was, and was covered in the warmth of the New England Fall. As for post-work on this photo, as with all my work, he uses Topaz products!

11. This Beautiful Australian Day

Photograph by Sharon Cohalan

Sharon, from the Topaz Discussion Board, captured Autumn Swan in Australia. She used the Seurat Afternoon effect from Impression to enhanced the yellows in the foliage from a local park.

12. This Romantic Trail


Photograph by Darren Fisher
Website | Facebook

This fall image, edited with Topaz Labs Impression with the Monet painting effect, was customized with brush sizes, the amount of paint, and more to fit Darren’s vision.

13. This Colorful Scene

Topaz Fall Foliage: Digitelle Traveler

Photograph by Digitelle Traveler

This image, from a nature preserve, was captured with golden light at the end of the day. Adjust and Clarity are mainstays of Digitelle Traveler’s post production workflow. Glow used for that extra pop. Trail of Gold also includes finishing with Texture Effects 2 to emphasize the mood.

14. This Humbling Site

Topaz Fall Foliage Maverick Engelhart

Photograph by Maverick Engelhart
Facebook | Google+ | Instagram

This image was shot in Spearfish Canyon, located just outside Spearfish, South Dakota by Maverick Engelhart or Maverick Design, located in Edina, Minnesota. Even though he has the Complete Collection, Maverick used Adjust to perfect this image.

15. This Perfect Setting

Topaz Fall Foliage: Jeffrey McPheeters

Photograph by Jeffrey McPheeters
Flickr | Facebook | Instagram

This photo was taken while on a walk near Jeffrey’s home in mid-October. The scene is the opening of a pathway that leads east along the north shore and the morning sunlight was backlighting the area nicely. It’s edited quickly in the Zone System Express with some Topaz Glow and Detail selectively applied. Jeffrey plans to do something more impressionistic with this for some greeting cards using Topaz Impression and Texture Effects 2.

16. This Rustic Barn

Topaz Fall Foliage: The Explorographer

Photograph by The Explorographer

Autumn in NY was captured in Dover Plains, NY. Topaz Restyle, Clarity, and Adjust were used in post processing.

17. This Golden View

Topaz Fall Foliage: Saija Lehtonen

Photograph by Saija Lehtonen
Facebook | Twitter | Google+ 

This photo of golden aspen tops reaching to the sky on a beautiful fall morning, edited with Topaz, was taken in northern Arizona on the San Francisco Peaks. The San Francisco Peaks are a volcanic mountain range just north of Flagstaff and a remnant of the former San Francisco Mountain.

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