Highway Collage

Highways are a photographic subject matter I am attracted to as I enjoy how the structure draws lines across the sky. Captured with my iPhone in the suburbs outside of Austin, TX, this massive structure appears futuristic when juxtaposed to the wide amount of open land surrounding it.  I captured this suburban highway at the perfect moment so that the sun was setting behind, creating a silhouette. In the easiest photo manipulating process of my life, I applied three different effects to this photo to achieve a new look:

Original Image:

Original Image

1) B&W Effects-> Stylized Collection-> Quad Tone Redscale I Dynamic

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 3.05.00 PM

Highway-B&W Effects

2) Lens Effects-> Filter Reflector-> Gold Left (I did this to reduce the black shadow in the top left corner.)

Lens Effect Screenshot

3) Adjust-> Vibrant -> Setting Sun

Final Product:


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