Ok, so by now you’ve heard about the new Topaz B&W Effects program….but Iif you haven’t then go ahead and check out my Topaz B&W Effects Sneak Peek to get caught up to speed!

Check out the image below created by Pro John Barclay using the new Topaz B&W Effects!

Check out more of John’s work at: http://blog.barclayphoto.com

Already there is so much excitement and LOTS of great questions about this new addition to the Topaz collection. So I’m going to give you quick rundown of the 10 most asked questions and try to give you the answers you need regarding Topaz B&W Effects.

Q1. When will Topaz B&W Effects be available?
A1. Release is tentatively scheduled for sometime next week. I don’t have an exact date but I promise it will be here soon!

Q2. Can I get a free copy?
A2. Actually, we do have some free giveaways that we are doing for the new B&W Effects program!! Just join us at one of the upcoming preview webinars for your chance to win! You can sign up on our webinars page

Q3. Presets, presets….will there be presets?
A3. Yes! Currently there are about 200 presets with more being added as we speak! You will also be able to create, save and share your own.

Q4. Is there an Apply button like in Lens Effects?
A4. No, at this time there will not be an apply button to stack effects…but they are really easy to add just by using the adjustment tabs/sliders. However, we may introduce the apply button into a later version of B&W Effects. If you want this feature be sure to let us know!

Q5. Let’s talk price…what’s it going to be?
A5. I’m not sure of the specific price, but it will be consistent with our product price range and we will definitely be a significant introductory discount.

Q6. What’s the compatibility requirements?
A6. Topaz B&W Effects will be compatible with Intel-based Macs and Windows….32-bit and 64-bit. Photoshop CS3-CS5.5 and Elements 6-9

Q7. Will it work with iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom?
A7. Yes, Topaz B&W Effects will also be compatible with these host programs via Topaz Fusion Express. However, it will require a Fusion Express update. This update will be released at the same time that B&W Effects is released and it will not affect your other Topaz programs.

Q8. Will there be a free 30-day trial?
A8. Yes, as with all of our other Topaz programs there will also be a free, fully-functional 30-day trial. No watermarks or limitations (other than the 30 day limit)

Q9. Will it be added to the bundle?
A9. Yes, B&W Effects will be an addition to the bundle…so unfortunately the bundle price will also increase to reflect that addition but hopefully not too much! If you are already a bundle owner then you will be able to take advantage of the discounted into price to add it to your collection.

Q10. Can I use my Wacom tablet?
A10. There have been some usage issues with some of the other Topaz programs and tablets. Usually updating your drivers will resolve it. Be sure that you have the latest tablet drivers and you should be fine.

To receive the release newsletter once the program is out be sure to sign up for the Topaz Newsletter at: www.topazlabs.com/list

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