Autumn Day


Bokeh Day


Macro Never End


Kungfu Ant 2



 About the photographer:


Location: Batam Island, Indonesia

Birthplace: Bukittinggi (West Sumatera), Indonesia

Equipment Used: Canon Kiss X4, Sigma 150mm Macro, a monopod, and sometimes an external flash

Processing Software: Photoshop CS3, Topaz Details and NIK Color Efek

Uda Dennie’s career in photography began in March of 2010. As an enthusiast, he followed and learned from his friends who had been exposed to photography for years. Dennie then explored his photography skills in wedding, documentary and fashion photography for both a living and for fun. After witnessing a series of macro photos on the Internet, Dennie developed a passion for macro photography. He explains,

“After many trials and errors, along with lots of hunting and exploration, I am now able to produce out fine macro images. Perseverance really paid off.”

See more of Uda Dennie’s work here: Website | 500px | Twitter | Flickr | Facebook


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