As many of you know, the release of the new photoFXlab™is not going exactly as planned. We introduced some new features that we hoped would improve the user experience, such as a new registration system for creating a community connection and improving performance – by making use of your graphic card’s potential with OpenGL technology. Regrettably, many users weren’t even able to register and get into the program to begin using it, and of those who could, many experienced compatibility issues – this is definitely not the start that we wanted. New photo tools are supposed to be fun and exciting, not difficult and frustrating.

As a plug-in company our goal is to make your image editing process easier and less complex. We state in our mission that we strive to make the absolute best product experience we possibly can, but this time we missed that mark…letting many of you down in the process.

Because of problematic issues reported, we are temporarily halting new sales of photoFXlab™ until the identified issues have been resolved. Please know that we will be releasing an updated version of the program soon (estimated in 7-10 days from 6/8/12). We are reverting back to the former process of using a key for photoFXlab™ (eliminating the need for the new registration system), and are working to resolve the compatibility issues that have been reported.

For those that have already purchased, you will be sent the updated version with a new key as soon as it is available. For those that have not purchased, once the improved update is released we will make the intro discount available to you again. And for those who are not experiencing any issues with photoFXlab™, you are free to continue using it and you will also be sent the upgraded version with a new key.

I know that many of you have already contacted us with questions, error reports and general feedback and we are working expeditiously to respond to them all. From the feedback we’ve received thus far, we have set a plan to resolve these issues and create an improved program that will really meet your needs.

We have set up a forum to keep you informed every step of the way, as we work to resolve the current issues and create a better user experience for you. The forum link is:

Thank you again for your interest in photoFXlab™.

Very sincerely,
The Topaz Labs Team

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