From chatting with many of you during our webinars I’ve realized that there are some key features and shortcuts within the Topaz programs that many users aren’t aware of. One of the most common questions that comes up is: “What is a Snap?”

Snaps is a feature that you’ll find within many of your Topaz plug-ins that allows you to take a “snapshot” of a group of settings…much like a temporary preset. The Snap button has a camera icon and is located at the top right of your program interface underneath the preview navigator. You can take up to 99 snap shots. Located to the right of your Snap button are the Prev/Next buttons. These allow you to quickly scroll through the snapshots you’ve taken.

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Topaz News - Deecember 2012

The All New Topaz Detail™ 3 is Here!


Because Every Detail Counts!

Introducing a more powerful Topaz Detail™ that features new tools, even more detail control and improved performance!

What’s New in Topaz Detail™ 3?
Detail™ 3 gives you a wider range of flexibility and control over detail manipulation and enhancement. It includes over 50 new presets that are organized into convenient collections, separate adjustment controls for shadow and highlight details and improved toning control – powered by IntelliColor™. Plus the built-in masking with edge aware technology makes it easier than ever to selectively put detail where you want it.

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Thanks for your interest in the new Detail™ 3. We are happy to offer the new Detail™ 3 as a FREE upgrade for our existing Topaz Detail™ customers. If you are a current Detail™ customer (meaning that you previously purchased Detail™ or a bundle/bundle upgrade that included Detail™) and would like to upgrade to the latest version please do the following:

How to Upgrade:
Download Detail™ 3 from our downloads page. If you need additional step-by-step instructions on downloading or installing please see our setup page. Optional: You can remove any previous versions of Detail before installing the new version.

Fusion Express users: Detail will automatically update your Fusion Express for you in Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto.

photoFXlab users WILL need to update to the latest version of photoFXlab in order to use the new Detail™ 3. You can download the latest version of photoFXlab (released today) from our downloads page.

Important: Please note that you will NOT be able to import your Detail™ 2 presets into Detail™ 3. Detail™ 3 uses a new and improved technology, so your Detail™ 2 presets will not be compatible with Detail™ 3. When you install Detail™ 3 it will not automatically uninstall Detail™ 2, so you will still have access to your Detail 2™ presets.

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Topaz News - November 2012

Monday, December 3


Sneak Peek at the New Topaz Detail™ 3!



If you’ve been wondering how to get visually stunning images with well balanced detail and tone – but without the side effects of halos and artifacts, look no further! From detail enhancement to detail reduction, structure enhancement and more, the one-of-a-kind Topaz Detail™ 3 is the ultimate tool for achieving well-defined detail, clarity and definition throughout your photos.

Detail™ 3 features the most advanced detail control technology, allowing for precise and intricate adjustments to multiple sizes of detail within your images. The flexible and unmatched detailing technology that powers Topaz Detail™ 3 is invaluable for photographers like you, that desire the ability to make high-quality detail enhancements.

It’s All in the Details…

We are excited to show you the new and improved Detail™ 3. We spend a lot of our time improving our programs to make them easier to use and more friendly…and this one is no exception.

The advanced power of Detail™ 3 offers attention to detail like no other. Separating it from other detailing tools is the flexibility and control that allows you to selectively add or remove detail throughout your image without the need for multiple steps, layer masks or other tedious editing tasks.

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Topaz Detail™ just got better! The soon-to-be-released Detail™ 3 features enhanced performance, new presets, preset collections, masking capabilities, opacity control and lots more! These new productivity-increasing tools offer you a more professional workflow experience with unlimited flexibility and customization over your image detail.


About Topaz Detail™:
Topaz Detail™ features the most advanced detail control technology, allowing for precise and intricate enhancements to multiple sizes of detail (small, medium and large) within your images – but without the side effects of halos and artifacts. The flexible and unmatched detail control found in Topaz Detail is invaluable for photographers like you that desire the ability to make high-quality detail enhancements.

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