Written by guest photographer: Ron Martinsen


Bored with Color Images?
Spice them up with B&W Effects


(Final Image using Topaz Adjust and BW Effects)
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So yesterday we had an amazing webinar with Jo Ann Kairys titled: Blending Reality and Fantasy – Creative Illustrations with Topaz. During the webinar a question came up regarding the adjustment tabs in Topaz Adjust: What is Global vs. Local vs. Finishing Adjustments?

Many of you already understand the difference/purpose of these options and and are already making great use of them. However for any of my users that may not have a solid understanding of what they are, what they do…or what these options are supposed to do, then that makes it hard for you to effectively use them. So let’s take a look at these options and how they fit into your workflow.

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Written by guest photographer: Greg Goodman

Travel photographer Greg Goodman gives you a peek at some of his current travel projects, takes you on a virtual photographic trip around the world and shares with you his love for Adjust.

If this Pro Insights column were to begin with an interview, it would go something like this:
Pro Insights: Why do you travel?
Greg Goodman: Because my passion is documenting our world through photography.
Pro Insights: Why do you love photography?
Greg Goodman: Because it gives me an excuse to travel.
Pro Insights: What subjects interest you most?
Greg Goodman: Anything that demonstrates how our daily lives are mirrored around the world.

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Creating an HDR Effect
Written by guest photographer: Steve Rich

Here is another image where I took a raw image shot using my Canon 7D on a tripod, my camera was set up for HDR, (ISO 100, F11, AEB -2/0/+2) instead of running three images through Photomatix Pro, I ran the 0 Ev image through Topaz plugins.

Additional images of this beautiful Mill can be found here.

Topaz plugin used – Topaz Adjust 5, Topaz Denoise, Topaz BW Effects, Topaz Lens Effects.

This is the BEFORE RAW Image 0Ev of a three image set.

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