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After you’ve completed your cutout and added in a new background, you may often notice an obvious transition between your new background and your extracted object. When merging images you want the final piece to look as natural and as realistic as possible. However, a reality is that often the transition between the two images can appear sharp and unrealistic. When this occurs it becomes necessary to make some additional adjustments that can help create a more seamless transition.

A great tool for this is Photoshop’s Feathering tool. You can use the feathering tool to feather the edges of your cutout object and this will help it to blend in with the background better.

Select the layer with your cutout and cmd+click on the layer to select the cutout.

If you have a layer mask applied then cmd+click on the layer mask to make the selection. Then go to the top of your screen and Select -> Modify -> Feather.

Set your Feather Radius value (1 or 2 pixels) and click OK.

Topaz News - September 2012

Discover Digital Photo Art with the New Simplify™ 4!

I am pleased to announce the release of the new Simplify™ 4. Topaz Simplify easily transforms your photos into high-impact digital art, and is perfect for those looking to add a creative flare
to photos or that need a way to creatively repurpose an unusable image. Updated with preset organization, new adjustment settings and selective adjustments, this FREE upgrade offers powerful changes in flexibility and productivity designed to meet your growing creative needs.

Ready to discover what you can do with the new Simplify 4?
Take a look at the new and improved features waiting for you:

  • New Adjustment Sliders. Instantly add depth and tonality to create realistic artistic effects using Dynamics, structure and structure boost sliders.
  • Instant Transformations with over 100 new presets to help stimulate your creative juices.
  • Preset Organization via convenient effect categories – so you can easily find and apply the perfect look in seconds.
  • Intuitive 4-in-1 selective brush to dodge, burn, smooth, and brush out adjustments.
    Plus advanced edge-aware technology for precise selections every time!
  • Integration of the Apply button – so you can stack multiple presets during the same workflow and build your own style.
  • Finishing Touches tab with options for vignette, toning and transparency.
  • Plus more new features you’ll find helpful! Read more…

As a testament to our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, we are offering the
new Topaz Simplify™ 4 as a FREE upgrade to current Simplify™ owners. We appreciate
your continued support and we hope that you will continue to spread the word about your
favorite Topaz programs! Please click below to download your FREE upgrade and ENJOY!

Upgrade Now

Complete Your Topaz Collection

Ready to bring an artistic flare to your photos? To celebrate
the release of Simplify™ 4 we would like
to offer you a special 30% discount (Only $29.99!). Just enter coupon code:
” GETSIMPLIFIED “ when purchasing. Offer ends 09/30/12.

The limited-time 30% discount can also be used for the bundle and bundle upgrades. You can also try before you buy with our FREE, fully-functional, 30-day trial. Click below to get started!

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Upcoming Intro to Simplify 4 Webinars

We have scheduled several Intro to Topaz Simplify™ 4 webinars, that will be focused on
showing you ways to improve your workflow using the new tools and features in Simplify™ 4.
Sign up for an intro webinar below and you could win a FREE copy of the new Simplify™ 4!

Wednesday, Sept. 19

11am CDT (9am PDT
12pm EDT, 4pm UTC)


Wednesday, Sept. 19

3pm CDT (1pm PDT,
4pm EDT, 8pm UTC)


Thursday, Sept. 20

4pm CDT (2pm PST,
5pm EST, 9pm UTC)


Created with presets from the new Topaz Simplify™ 4!

Discover what you can do with the over 100 new presets included in Simplify™ 4. Organized
into 5 categories for: BuzSim Effects, Detail Removal and Enhancement, Line and Ink Effects, Painting Effects and Sketch Effects, it’s now even easier to create beautiful works-of-art!

Pastel Preset

Dynamic Boost Warm Preset

Line and Ink IV Preset

BuzSim Splitt Toned III Preset

Most times after using ReMask in photoFXlab (or the built in masking tool), you’ll want to add in a new background and make some additional adjustments. photoFXlab’s built in layers makes it easy to do this. After you have created your cutout go to the bottom right of the program where your layers are located.

Click on the +File button, which will launch a window so that you can navigate your system to select the background image (from your images) that you’d like to add. Find and select the image to add it.

For those that are making a multi-layer composition, feel free to add as many image layers as you’d like. You can rearrange the order of layers simply by clicking on one and dragging it up or down in the layers palette.

Each layer can be individually resized or moved. To access these options go to your Tools tab – located at the top right hand side of the interface. Here you will find options for layer rotation, movement and scaling.

Make sure you the layer that you want to adjust is selected (will appear highlighted in blue) and then make your desired adjustments.

Simplify is getting even better. Soon we will be releasing the new and improved Topaz Simplify 4. Simplify 4 includes new tools and features, designed to help you become an artistic photo guru. Take a look at the new and improved features waiting for you!

What’s New in Simplify 4:
– New Presets and Preset categories
– New adjustments sliders for dynamics, structure and structure boost.
– Local Adjustments brush
– Apply button
– Curve Tool and Histogram
– Finishing touches

What’s Improved in Simplify 4:
– Split Screen. Use the 2-screen split view for easy before and after comparison.
– Interactive Sliders. Take advantage of interactive slider/control response during your workflow. This feature works best for faster systems. One-click to position slider abiity

411 on Simplify 4:

Q2. Is it really a free upgrade?
Yes, Simplify 4 will be a free upgrade to those that already own a previous version of Simplify (v1, v2 or v3). If you previously purchased a bundle or bundle upgrade that included Simplify then you ARE eligible for the free upgrade too!

Q2. When will Simplify 4™ be available?
Simplify 4 is scheduled to be released on Thursday, September 13. Sign up for the Topaz newsletter to receive notification once it is available. We will announce everything you need to know regarding upgrade and purchase information once Simplify 4 is released. So please hold all questions regarding: upgrade, purchasing, licensing, etc… until after the release as our staff will be busy preparing for the upcoming release.

Q3. Can I get a free copy?
Yes, for those that do not already own a previous version of Simplify, there will be chances to win! Be sure to sign up for intro webinars once the new Simplify program is released. During the webinars we will be giving away some free copies to a few lucky attendees. Just sign up for an intro webinar for your chance to win! You can sign up on our webinars page: www.topazlabs.com/webinars

Q4. Will there be a free 30-day trial?
Yes, as with all of our other Topaz programs there will also be a free, fully-functional 30-day trial. No watermarks or limitations (other than the 30 day limit).

Q5. Let’s talk price…what’s it going to be?
Simplify 4 will be a FREE upgrade for existing Simplify customers. There will be a special discount for those that do not own Simplify and would like to add it to their collection. Discount amount and coupon code TBA….but sure to be a SWEET deal!!