Written by guest photographer: Theresa Airey

Color Infrared Technique

Finished shot of the Turtle
My name is Theresa Airey. I am a professional fine art photographer and author. I love to experiment and find new processes and creative ways to express my vision. Infrared Photography has always held my interest as it produces magical, mysterious and sometimes bizarre images and allows us to “see” our world in a different light.

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I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about the new Mountain Lion OS. As with all new software and OS updates, there are many questions regarding continued support of Topaz plug-ins.

I am happy to announce that the latest versions of Topaz programs are all compatible with the new Mountain Lion. So if you were a 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7 user then you will be able to make the easy transition to 10.8. Once you install your new OS, all of your Topaz plug-ins will be there waiting for you!

Now, for those still using 10.4 that are ready to make the big jump to 10.8, you will need to update your Topaz plug-ins (after you install Mountain Lion). See here for details on updating to the latest Topaz versions.

Ready to get started? Find out how to install OS X Mountain Lion on your Mac.

Enjoy and be sure to let me know what your favorite new feature of Mountain Lion is!

By Topaz user and pro photographer: Denise Ippolito

Many folks that have Topaz Simplify 3 have only explored the BuzSim preset. The BuzSim preset can be used to create wonderful illustrated looks to a soft painterly effects. I use it often in my own work. However lately I have been using the Cartoon preset and have found that I really like the way it renders some of my images.

I start with a duplicate layer (I always do) then I go into the Simplify program and using the default settings for the Cartoon preset I hit OK.

Next in Photoshop I use the blend mode “Soft Light” (depending on the image you may need to try a different blend mode) to tone down the intenseness a little. I do like the lines that the filter creates and using the blend modes help me to retain the lines to some degree.

Then I add a texture or sometimes more than one (applied separately) on top of the image again using the blend modes and a layer mask to reveal some of the image from below. I hope I have inspired you to give the Cartoon preset a try.

Original Image

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Jeff shares with us an image he created using the Curly Smooth preset from Topaz Clean.

This is another topazification of one of my photographs. Using the wonderful new photoFXLab to not only try on the filter (live preview using my image), but also quickly and easily stack the filters.

Here is the basic recipe:

1) Topaz Clean and select the Curly Smooth preset

Here are my settings:

2) Topaz B&W Effects>Low Contrast 1 Detailed (Default settings)

3) Then in photoshop, I erased a small amount of the effects over the eyes with the Eraser>Opacity 40% and Flow 35% and then a bit of saturation on the eyes with the Sponge>Saturation 90%.

Here is the before image!

See more of Jeff’s work at: http://jeffwendorff.com/