Lofoten, Norway


It is very tempting to think that post-processing in photography is something disconnected from the rest of the photographic process, and particularly so from the capture of images in the field. The truth, however, is that post-processing should not be considered a separate step in photography, but rather as the continuation, or should we say culmination, of a whole photographic process which started the moment we had an idea in our mind that we wanted to capture in a photograph.

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Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day…

The opening line of “Time” from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album; 10 words I repeat often when the world seems to conspire against my creative will. If I had a buck for every time a photographer at an iconic location said to me “Shame there aren’t any clouds” – well, I’d have about $70, but you get the point!

Time is precious, moments in the wilderness or in nature are priceless and people work hard to enjoy some solitude and tranquility. If you choose to spend some of this time outside making photographs, the weather and shooting conditions are important and it is very easy to measure your enjoyment of your free time by the quality of the images you make.

In this article I aim to demonstrate that even on days when there are no clouds or spectacular colour, with harsh light, mist, fog or even rain, that our lives can be filled with creativity and beauty.

Isle of Skye, Scotland
Isle of Skye, Scotland – raining morning. I never make great landscape images when I don’t go out. Without rain, there is never a rainbow 🙂

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For thirty years my wife and I have been traveling to New Mexico and the American Southwest. We have driven over 30,000 miles in the Four Corner states experiencing the diverse natural wonders, friendly people and history of what is unquestionably one of the most beautiful parts of our great country. It is nearly impossible to explain in words how one feels experiencing the highways and byways of our new home state. By featuring just a few of the thousands of photos I have taken and enhanced using Topaz Labs Software, I hope to give you some sense of how New Mexico is truly the “Land of Enchantment”.
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Before and After Topaz DeNoise 6

Noise is a random and unwanted problem caused by the sensor (determined by your ISO settings) in digital cameras. Most often, noise appears as randomly spaced grain or dots distributed throughout your image. Noise can also appear as unevenness in color, random pixels of color or as a variation in brightness within your image.

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