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New Features in DeNoise 6

Stand Alone Product

Topaz DeNoise now works as a standalone product and doesn’t require a host editor to work. Although it can still be used as a plugin through Photoshop, Lightroom, and other supported host programs.

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Green Seas - Norway - Rafael Rojas

“Looking is not seeing. Engaging with the world as a photographer means we need to keep not only our eyes open, but also our mind and soul.”

Reality does not exist. Each of us makes our own reality. Perception, which might start with visual stimuli, is filtered by our mental templates, preconceptions, memories and experiences. The result becomes a personal appreciation of reality, which then, by association, releases a number of emotions, feelings and souvenirs linked to other situations and experiences of our life.

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A Brief Discussion of the Rule of Thirds


‘Consulting the rules of composition before taking a photograph is like consulting the laws of gravity before going for a walk.’

Edward Weston


I’ve learned (virtually everything from others) over the years (seven decades) that good (or occasionally great) photographs are made between our ears and not in cameras.

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We have been lifelong residents of New Hampshire and have cherished our time in the Granite State as well as all of New England. But for the last 30 years it has been our dream to move to New Mexico. Over the years we have traveled more than 30,000 miles in the Great American Southwest and have fallen in love with the Four Corner States. We have visited many other places of interest, but eventually chose New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, to call our new home!

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