The short answer is no, you can select more points of light to include/exclude however you cannot position effects just anywhere in your image. However, there’s a reason for this. Let’s take a quick look at how the Star Effects™ program works and then I’ll show you a handy trick that you can use to create new light sources in your image which will then allow you to add in effects anywhere you’d like.

How It Works
Star Effects™ program is designed to consider your existing light sources and then create and enhance effects based off of those source points. Unlike a basic brush tool, where you can go in and just click on any part of your image to add an effect, Star Effects™ actually takes your image’s light sources into consideration and applies the effects directly to those light source points.

This type of integration gives you the ability to create more natural-looking effects, since you are positioning your effect around a light source – where it would be more likely to occur. Because the effects are dependent on the light source points, this does not allow you to reposition the created effect in your image (away from the light source).

Take a look at the example below…

Image Details

  • The stars in top (original) image are your light sources.
  • Which/how many of the stars (or light source points) are affected is controlled by the Threshold slider – which is located in your Main Adjustments tab.
  • The bottom image shows how the effect is created based off of those original light source points.

Handy Work Around
So, whats the neat workaround for creating effects anywhere you want? Creating your own light sources. This is actually really quick. All you need is your Photoshop brush tool! I suggest you start by creating a duplicate image layer. Then, here’s what you’ll do…

1. Select your Photoshop Brush Tool

2. Set the brush Size and Hardness – I prefer using a softer brush

3. Set the brush Color to white

4. Click on the area of your image that you want to add the effect to. This will create a new light source point.

5. Go to Filter -> Topaz Labs and select Star Effects.

When your light sources are detected, this new source point will also be detected. Please note that you may need to adjust your Threshold slider. From there you can go ahead and make your desired enhancements.

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