I very much enjoy re-making images that I take in to something new and different. This is particularly true when the image has “issues”. I always leave a few images that need major work in a folder to work with on a rainy day. Today was one of those days and it is also Topaz Labs ReMask month and so I decided to find an image that ReMask could help me with. I was looking at images from my Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop and I found this horse image. I loved the pose and the alert ears (critical for a horse image), but I hated the grouping, the background and the overall composition of the image. Pretty much everything except the horse!

Click here to check out the full tutorial workflow and see how this image was created.

Seeing Bob’s Topaz Tuesday image reminded me of some awesome images my cousin and I took while exploring the Deep Ellum area in Dallas. So I dusted out my gone-but-not-forgotten storage device and rummaged around until I found a good candidate.

Original Image

Before jumping into Adjust 5, I did make a light levels adjustment. Then I brought the image into Adjust, and similar to Bob’s workflow I added the Grunge Me preset – adjusting both the Saturation and the Protect Highlights sliders.

After Grunge Me Preset

What I did differently with my image is that I also increased the Regions slider (in Adaptive Exposure) to 5 and I set my Saturation Boost slider value to .75.

Final Image

Which version of the image you like better. Be sure to let me know where I can see your Topaz Tuesday images. Feel free to share them on our Facebook page.

Topaz user Jim Nix shares with us a new photo that he rescued using Topaz Adjust. Check out the awesome image and get the details below!

I went to Sweden! Ok, it was brief – but I went! This is the main terminal, or Central Station, in Malmo Sweden. Yes, I went to Sweden. I just like to say that. Ok, so it wasn’t a visit to Stockholm, but hey I was actually in Sweden so that counts, right? Anyways, I took a day trip over from Copenhagen and just had to visit Malmo since it is only ~30 minutes away. It was one of those “why not?” decisions. I’m glad I did.

Topaz Adjust saves the day…

As you can tell, this photo is a bit different than most of my shots. I usually go for a bit more realistic look, but in this case I threw that idea out the window. I was messing around with it in Topaz Adjust because after processing this 7 frame HDR, it just looked boring. In fact, it was boring. So I decided to run it through Topaz Adjust and hope for something interesting.

While in Topaz I happened to pass my mouse over the “Color Negative” setting, and the preview just caught my eye! That was it – I was done and very happy to have something interesting and unique out of an otherwise “blah” photo. Thanks Topaz!! You saved this one for me!

Oh, and I just named this photo based on the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it. It was actually shot around 12 noon. It was the Color Negative setting that made all the difference!

See more of Jim’s work at: www.nomadicpursuits.com

By Topaz user: Steve Rich

Camera settings, F11, ISO 100 Tripod used.
Before and After image reprocessed using just Topaz Adjust 5 HDR Collection. (No Photomatix).

Tonight, I took the Aiken Train Conductor and wanted to avoid the usual 3 image HDR. I took the single image (0 EV) into Photoshop CS6, applied Topaz Adjust 5 HDR collection, Heavy Grunge Pop on a separate layer. I deceased the opacity to around 50%. I then selected multiply to darken the sky, Command Shift Option E created a layer and layer mask, I masked back in all except the sky. On a new layer, I selected Topaz Adjust 5 Film Collection, Timeless to give that brownish old look, reduced opacity down around 60%., Command Shift Option E, created a new layer, still using Film Collection I selected Vintage Grunge II. I removed the vignette applied Topaz Denoise and flattened all layers. Cropped for size and saved as a jpeg.