Susan Candelario shares with us her 9 exposure HDR image of Times Square in NYC, enhanced in PS Using Topaz Adjust and Topaz DeNoise.

The final image is composed of 9 images that I tone-mapped and then had to use 3 of the exposures in PS on layers masking out certain parts of the scene. This was due to the Neon signs and billboards display moving and scrolling content. Guess that is why they call it the City that never sleeps. LOL. I did use Topaz Adjust 4 and adjusted the sliders individually to adjust the tones, colors and details. I then went back to Adjust and applied a touch of the Spicify preset and finished it up by applying Topaz DeNoise.

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Steve shares with us an image he created using presets in DeNoise, Adjust and Lens Effects.

Image capture details: Canon 7D, camera raw, settings F22 for sunburst, 1/125 sec. Single image ISO 100. No HDR


1. Increased saturation using Photoshop Elements
2. Topaz Denoise Light Jpeg
3. Topaz Adjust 5 used Adjust 4 Mild Photo pop
4. Topaz Lens Effects Graduated Neutral Density Top 1 Stop

Fun extra: Added sun rays! (you can achieve this using Topaz Star Effects)


Denise Ippolito shares with us an image she created using a preset in the new Topaz Adjust 5.

For the below image I used Topaz Adjust 5, I really like the new upgraded version of Adjust. There are many extra features that make my creative workflow much easier than before.

For example with the Apply button I am able to stack multiple effects and presets during the same workflow. That is something I do often and having this feature make it much simpler to do. I wanted to create a wintry look from the image below so combined both the Classic Collection – High Key preset and the Vibrant Collection – French Countryside preset found in the new Topaz Adjust 5.

Below is the image I started with. As you can see it was a fall capture of some random trees in Grand Teton NP, Wyoming.

Dave Newman shares with us the skin treatment he uses to touch up his model’s skin..

Work Flow for pristine skin treatment for my models – using Topaz Clean

(Original Image)

After quick removal of rough blemishes and discoloration, go to Topaz Clean 3, with your image in Photoshop (I use CS4) then go only to SkinEven level. I adjust only the Strength slider with a bit of Threshold and Radius to suit. Keep in mind the ultimate reproduction size as you work. Im rather bold with the application and my clients love it…for best results, apply full file resolution, not a reduction or thin file.

(“Clean” Image)

About Dave Newman
Dave Newman, who hails from Utah, USA, is the author of five books; his latest and most popular being: “Professional Portrait Lighting”. Available at:

He is currently a prestigious FELLOW of the British S.W.P.P. (One of Europe’s largest Photographic organizations). Also as a PPA (Professional Photographers of America) member, he has reached both the Master and Craftsman levels and has published many articles and present many lectures for this international organization.
His lectures and teaching have taken him to China, Korea, Mexico, Denmark, England, Australia and Germany. He is currently lecturing together with the famous George Larson who, is the originator and developer of the Soft Box lighting unit which is universally manufactured and used throughout the entire world.

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Denise Ippolito shares with us some awesome images that she created with the new Topaz B&W Effects. These are great examples of how some of the creative tools in B&W Effects can be fused with traditional black and white photography and open the door to more creative B&W photography.

Image © 2011/Denise Ippolito Photography

For the above image I used a Photoshop zoom blur effect. With a layer mask I revealed a bit of the details. Using a zoom blur in this manner gave the image some movement and pulled the shadow lines of the bed towards the viewer. This helps give the foreground interest and leads your eye right to the bed. I also used the “soft light” blend mode in Photoshop. For me the image has kind of an ethereal quality to it. To learn more about creative filtering check out my eBook “A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects“.

Image © 2011/Denise Ippolito Photography

Topaz B&W Effects ~ Traditional Collection- Classic

I decided to do a B&W conversion on the same image as above using the new Topaz B&W Effects program. Topaz sent me a free beta copy and asked me to create some images and let them know what I thought about their product. I like it. The price is right and the plug-in offers many different effects including some creative ones. I have had a lot of fun with the new B&W Effects plug-in by Topaz and hope that you do too. This version feels cold and lonely to me. Sometimes as photographers we often turn to B&W when we are crafting our images to help us portray the feelings that we want for our image. B&W Effects has many different filter presets to choose from which allows you to quickly see multiple versions of the same image.

Image © 2011/Denise Ippolito Photography

Topaz B&W Effects ~ Van Dyke Brown Collection- Raw Umber

Here is another version of the same image. I used one of the Van Dyke Brown Collection filters- Raw Umber. When I use to paint I often used raw umber as a thin top coat to age my images slightly. I think this filter did just that- it offered a bit of warmth and aging to the original image and blended the multiple colors to give the image a more cohesive look which allows the bed to become more of the focal point.

Starting image

Image © 2011/Denise Ippolito Photography

This image was captured at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia PA. It is a dilapidated old prison that once housed Al Capone. The old cells, long hallways and natural light of the prison offer multiple photo opportunities.

About Denise Ippolito
Denise Ippolito is a freelance photographer, artist and writer living in NJ. She is also a moderator in the Out of the Box Forum for Bird Photographers Network which is an online photography site. She has co-led photography instructional tours for Arthur Morris who is a Canon Explorer of Light. He is a world renowned bird photographer and teacher. Denise offers on-line courses as well as half day workshops featuring avian, macro and HDR photography. To see more of her work please visit her at: