Guest article by Alister Benn

The 10 Most Breathtaking Landscapes in Iceland

Isolated in the North Atlantic, just on the tip of the Arctic Circle, the island of Iceland seems an unlikely candidate for landscape photography stardom. It is remote, cold, bleak, windswept and ravaged by extreme seas and the occasional volcanic eruption or two. It’s also expensive, especially if you like a cold beer at the end of a day’s effort.

The above statement perfectly reflects first impressions and the extent of most of the queries I get prior to tours. Having spent months in Iceland over the past few years, I would concur that most of the above are true – in part; but rarely all at once! Let us start by myth-busting some of them at least.

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Water…one of Earth’s most powerful natural phenomena. For millions of years it has shaped our lands, forming mountains and sculpting coastlines. It is required by organisms to live, yet it can also be the culprit of destruction for some villages and towns. But there is also joy to be found, as we take vacations just to be near bodies of water and many recreational activities & sports revolve around it.

One sport in particular, surfing, might be the most fascinating and daring water activity of them all. Across the globe, thrill-seeking surfers catch oceanic oscillations as the swell breaks upon nearing the shoreline. Not only does this activity require skill, but photographing it can be just as challenging and dangerous.

Scroll down to see some incredible surfing images and tips from the pros. You may just want to move to the coast after viewing them all.

Surf's Up: 26 Incredible Photos of Surfers Catching WavesBy Chris Burkard | Facebook | 500px | Location: Patagonia

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