Guest article by Alister Benn

Welcome to the second part of my shooting landscapes at night article – if you missed Shooting for the Stars Part I it can be found here – Shooting for the Stars – Part I

When I first began shooting images at night back in 2004 I was learning everything from scratch, as I had only recently started with landscape photography. Until then I had been a professional bird photographer making images of birds in the wilds of China for books and magazines. I came into landscape photography very green, but with a keen eye for composition, simplicity and graphics.

As I matured in all disciplines it was very clear to me that regardless of our subjects, the basics of photographic expression are the same – it is after all a visual language, and we need to be clear, concise and articulate in our arrangements, much as we are when we open our mouths to speak.

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Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas takes pictures of wild animals up close, often only inches away from flesh-eating carnivores and poisonous reptiles alike.

You might be wondering how he is able to capture these wild animals on camera with such vivid and close-up perspectives, sans telephoto lens (while maintaining all four limbs).

One answer: The BeetleCam.

Innovative technology allows for close encounters with wild animalsRead all about it and check out these insanely cool photos of wildlife from destinations all over the globe.

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Wildflowers have been inspiring for ages, from the likes of painters such as Monet and Van Gough, to many thousands of years ago where they were used to dye Egyptian fabrics and decorate the halls of royal palaces.

With a rich botanical diversity, these flowering plants are a symbol of growth and life as the winter turns to spring. Take a trip around the world and check out these flourishing wildflowers. Can you identify them all?

25 Gorgeous Photos of Spring Wildflowers - Sunset Over Tulip Field, Woodburn, Oregon, © David Gn PhotographySunset Over Tulip Field, Woodburn, Oregon, © David Gn Photography
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Images and text by Alister Benn

The late great Galen Rowell once advised us to look to the edges of environments, and there we would find many successful images.

Where the land meets the sea must be by far one of our most fertile hunting grounds.

Ever since we were children, given a bucket and spade, a long summers day and a dripping ice cream, the seaside has been a draw, filling our lives with some of our fondest memories.

As adults, I believe much of this draw has to do with nostalgia, the sense of exploration, rich air and occasionally, just a little hint of danger. Certainly, as photographers, we flock to the seashore with as much enthusiasm as we ever did, and being so popular for family vacations, a few quite hours before dawn are usually possible, even allowing for the most hectic of itineraries.

Solid-Air, How to Shoot Great Seascapes, Spain, Topaz LabsSolid Air – Spain
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