Aneta Ivanova is a 23-year old self-taught & self-employed photographer and Computer Science student.  Born in Varna, Bulgaria she currently resides and studies in Germany. Her interest in photography started at the age of 13, and she has not stopped since. Her first interests included shooting experimental self-portraiture in her home, followed by the discovery of fine art and fashion photography.

See below for more some amazing portraiture shots by Aneta, a brief interview and instructions on how to create a double exposure in the digital darkroom.

Double Exposure Portraiture by Aneta Ivanova

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Image 1

by Randall Powers

Everywhere you look, one of the most popular subjects for photography is food; the ‘food paparazzi’ are legion. The drawback I see with so many meals being shared on social media sites and surprisingly, also on some restaurant web-sites, is the lack of allure that some of the photography renders. If I’m photographing a Chef’s ‘plate’, I want it to appear as tantalizing ‘on-screen’ as it does in person, and I shudder at going to a web-site and coming away with, “Well, the ingredients sound intriguing, but the picture certainly didn’t look appetizing.”

Image 2Topaz Adjust->Light Pop Smooth

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Cali native David Pasillas provides information behind his stunning images that were captured surrounding the Pacific coastline:Shannon's-Sunset-Shot2Shannon’s Sunset Shot

Sand Dollar Beach, south of Big Sur, CA

Equipment: Nikon D7000, 18-55mm, F/5.6, 1/4 second, ISO 100, Tripod

While taking fellow professional photographer, Shannon Kalahan around California on a photo adventure, the two ended up here for sunset on this particular evening. Denoise, Adjust, and Lens Effects where used to process the photo.

Lens Effects was particularly used to add a subtle glow to the image. To do this, create a new layer to work on and add the Canon 50mm 1.8 filter. Next, change the layer blending mode to soft light in Photoshop and lower the opacity to somewhere between 20-45%.

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