The impact of a water droplet falling mid-air into a pool of water doesn’t seem that cool with the blink of an eye. However, the camera is able to capture the most fascinating effects in slow motion. Photographer Jay Stockhaus was willing to show how he captures these immaculately formed water shapes–turns out getting the ‘right’ shot is not as easy as you’d think! Check out how Jay creates and captures these beautiful liquid sculptures.

liquid sculptures

Jay Stockhaus: Website | 500px| Twitter 

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“While I love Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, there are areas where they just don’t perform as well as the Topaz plug-ins do. When my goal is to end up with a beautiful, creative result that doesn’t look too contrived or when I need to do some serious noise removal on an image, I typically turn to Topaz. I love that I don’t have to install and use each piece of software outside of Photoshop. Topaz is a real time saver for a photographer, like myself, who edits a lot of images.”

Rachael Towne

The ‘after’ photo was created in the newest version of B&W Effects 2.1; see how Rachael edited the image in the following tutorial.

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