Highway Collage

Highways are a photographic subject matter I am attracted to as I enjoy how the structure draws lines across the sky. Captured with my iPhone in the suburbs outside of Austin, TX, this massive structure appears futuristic when juxtaposed to the wide amount of open land surrounding it.  I captured this suburban highway at the perfect moment so that the sun was setting behind, creating a silhouette. In the easiest photo manipulating process of my life, I applied three different effects to this photo to achieve a new look:

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collageAt first glance, it was evident that this photo of the Grand Tetons could be enhanced. The photo was taken in the month of August and the lake you see is literally melted snow and glacier water–it might be the coldest water I’ve ever swam in! Before making edits I knew that I wanted to bring out the cool hues while at the same time maintaining the summertime warmth experienced on dry land. From my preferred host program Photoshop, I edited this photo with three different Topaz plug-ins: Adjust, Detail and then Lens Effects.

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Editing photos is an artistic process in itself. With the Topaz software,  I often feel as if I have been dropped off at an art supplies store and told to create a masterpiece with hundreds of supplies to chose from–not an easy process for the indecisive. However, when feeling artistically challenged I have learned to go with the flow and not second-guess myself.

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Creating an HDR Effect
Written by guest photographer: Steve Rich

Here is another image where I took a raw image shot using my Canon 7D on a tripod, my camera was set up for HDR, (ISO 100, F11, AEB -2/0/+2) instead of running three images through Photomatix Pro, I ran the 0 Ev image through Topaz plugins.

Additional images of this beautiful Mill can be found here.

Topaz plugin used – Topaz Adjust 5, Topaz Denoise, Topaz BW Effects, Topaz Lens Effects.

This is the BEFORE RAW Image 0Ev of a three image set.

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