Powerful Masking on every level.

Texture Effects 2 features not only Overall Masking of the effect, but also Custom Masks for each adjustment you apply. Whether you prefer a Spot Mask, Color Mask, Luminosity Mask, or Traditional Brush Masking, Texture Effects 2 puts the power in your hands.

Join Heath Robinson in learning about the masking options in this quick 2 minute video:

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When a program contains over a thousand photo effects, the thought of choosing just one might seem like a daunting task, unsuited for the indecisive. The modern day dilemma of choosing between the Instagram filters X-Pro II and Valencia extends to a wide array of choices in Topaz ReStyle.

Yes, Restyle contains around one thousand photo effects, if not more. To create these special filters, a cutting-edge process was used to map the color and tone statistics from various source images into effects composed of five colors.12 Photo Effects You Must Know AboutAlthough ReStyle contains an assortment of effects to choose from, here at Topaz we’ve sorted through the masses to present to you the twelve photo effects that you should definitely know about. (If you’re new to ReStyle, download a free 30-day trial and check out this tutorial on using the search features to locate the listed effects).

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Guest article by Alister Benn

The 10 Most Breathtaking Landscapes in Iceland

Isolated in the North Atlantic, just on the tip of the Arctic Circle, the island of Iceland seems an unlikely candidate for landscape photography stardom. It is remote, cold, bleak, windswept and ravaged by extreme seas and the occasional volcanic eruption or two. It’s also expensive, especially if you like a cold beer at the end of a day’s effort.

The above statement perfectly reflects first impressions and the extent of most of the queries I get prior to tours. Having spent months in Iceland over the past few years, I would concur that most of the above are true – in part; but rarely all at once! Let us start by myth-busting some of them at least.

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Programs such as Topaz B&W Effects offer the ultimate experience in digital black & white conversion and development, making it easier than ever to create beautiful black & white photography. As compared to traditional darkroom photography, there are many benefits to digital b&w conversion over the old ways. 

One is that film photographers would often spend a full day using manual techniques in the darkroom to edit a single photograph; the digital editing process speeds this up to where developing an image may only take an hour or less. In addition, the chemicals required to develop a film photo require that safety precautions be taken to avoid skin reactions and breathing issues.

And then there’s the fact that processing your digital photography is usually much cheaper than chemically processing it.

With a range of incredible features to choose from, read on for the seven that you must know about in B&W Effects

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