Digital Zone SystemFor somebody unfamiliar to the Zone System, how would you describe it? 

The Zone System was a technique developed about 75 years ago that was used to break down the tones in a photograph into 11 different Zones. These Zones Ranged from 0-10, 0 being Pure Black and 10 being Pure White. Before the age of instant playback on LCD displays, this technique helped the photographer imagine what a photograph would look like prior to entering the Darkroom.

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Guest article by Barry Nelson of Captivated Images

Various marketing seminars will often stress the importance of developing business relationships with vendors such as wedding venues, florists and bridal dress shops. The idea is that if you can develop those connections and create a network of referrals, your business will overflow with customers. What those seminars don’t tell you is this: vendors can smell your self interest from a mile away and they don’t like it.

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NYIP_2Interested in furthering your education in photography without having to be accepted into a university or pay for a 4-year college program? While much learning can be acquired through work experience and personal research, sometimes additional education from the pros and advanced photographers can help to improve your own personal skills and knowledge.

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Topaz Adjust is the ultimate, compact tool box for what it carries. Inside of the plug-in, options for global photo adjustments include tools that work on color, curves, detail, noise and exposure manipulation. Local adjustments can be made with brushes that dodge, burn, smooth, and mask out.

In the opposing left panel, photo effects organized by collections composed of pre-made settings, or presets, can be applied to your photo; ‘Exposure Correction’ ,’Detail Light’, ‘French Countryside’, ‘Spicify’ and ‘Light Pop Grunge’ are to name a few. At the end of the workflow, finishing touches can be added, such as a vignette, grain, or border.

With an array of offered components, here are ten features that you should know about in Topaz Adjust:

1. Adaptive Exposure – the core technology behind the program, this feature allows you to balance your image’s tonal values, enhancing local contrast and dynamic range as well as recovering detail from blown out highlights or blocked up shadows. Useful tip: increase the regions slider for higher variations of color, detail and appearance of depth of field.


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Here’s a clever way to bring out important details in many photos without also increasing noise.

Noise and detail are constantly at war in digital photos. Normally, enhancing important details in your photos also makes image noise shoot up. Try to reduce the amount of noise in your photo and, poof – there goes all your detail as well. You’ve probably run into this problem unless you somehow always capture perfect photos at ISO100.

The best solution so far has been to use specialized noise reduction software on the photo before making any more adjustments. This approach always has a trade-off, though – either you let some noise get through, or you accept that you’re definitely going to lose some details in your image.

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