Interview with travel photographer – Anne McKinnell

In 2011 Anne McKinnell resigned from her day job, sold her belongings and traded the comforts of the American Dream lifestyle to become a nomad photographer. Having ventured all over the North American territory, McKinnell has shared some of her story along with her favorite photography destinations, tips on photographing wild orcas, and which Topaz plug-ins she couldn’t live without.

Driftwood Beach, nomad, anne mckinnell, topaz labs, Jekyll Island, georgiaDriftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA
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LA Lambo 4 Final Flat and SharpBy Heidi Ekstrom

Topaz: You have what many would consider to be a true dream job, getting paid to take photos of really cool cars–Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Ferrari just to name a few.  Is this something you set out to do when you first started your career as a photographer or is it something that you more or less fell into?

Tim: I have always been interested in photography and I started my business six years ago from scratch.  I made a very conscience decision to specialize at that time and I choose the car industry, as it was something that I was very interested in.

More than that I choose the ‘prestige’ part of that market, the main reason being that the type and style of work that I produce is very dramatic and it’s these types of cars that demand that type of work, so I am very fortunate to have the gift of seeing images in this way and fitting them into a gap in the market.

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Rofl Ademeit has had a passion for photography for over 30 years. While he considers himself a hobbyist, he recently completed a five year long black and white series titled ANIMALS. His patience and perseverance is evident through the beautiful display of black and white wildlife photography. Learn how he was able to capture these beautiful photos of a very unpredictable subject matter, as well as how Topaz Labs played a role in the post processing of these amazing images.

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Frozen Music I - Dutch Tax Administration low resFrozen Music I – Dutch Tax Administration


Whether it’s architecture, landscapes, portraits, or still life, you work exclusively with black and white photography.  What draws you to black and white photography, and more specifically what makes you choose this over color photography?


First of all there’s just something special about B&W photography, it has something mysterious, something nostalgic and something dramatic to it. There’s so much beauty in the simplicity of using just monotones. Furthermore I know from myself that I have this ability to express myself far more effectively in Black and White than I could ever do in color. That was my initial explanation for myself.

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