Lenaa Augustus 3 2013 Glamour workshop -106-Edit-1Topaz: Do you have a typical post processing workflow and if so could you briefly walk us through it?

Frank: My typical workflow is selecting the images in Lightroom, after this I will do the “pre” work in Lightroom (if needed) and import the files after this in Photoshop where I will do the rest.

Normally I will first look at the skin of the models and do the skin retouching, at the moment I will first remove as much as possible with the tools within Photoshop and if needed I will use Topaz Clean3 or Imagenomic Portraiture for the skin smoothing. I love Clean3 because it actually does a very good job with skin that is a bit more problematic and where Portraiture is not as good.

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Ron Martinsen is a well-known international photographer and photo editing blogger.  His blog has over 1,000,000 visitors with topics ranging from gear, plugins, and book reviews.  This week Ron allowed us to pick his brain about his photography, post-processing, and how to create a successful photography business and we’re excited to share his knowledge with you.


Ron’s post-processing using his favorite plug-in Topaz Adjust.

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Written by guest photographer: Ron Martinsen


Bored with Color Images?
Spice them up with B&W Effects


(Final Image using Topaz Adjust and BW Effects)
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Written by guest photographer: Greg Goodman

Travel photographer Greg Goodman gives you a peek at some of his current travel projects, takes you on a virtual photographic trip around the world and shares with you his love for Adjust.

If this Pro Insights column were to begin with an interview, it would go something like this:
Pro Insights: Why do you travel?
Greg Goodman: Because my passion is documenting our world through photography.
Pro Insights: Why do you love photography?
Greg Goodman: Because it gives me an excuse to travel.
Pro Insights: What subjects interest you most?
Greg Goodman: Anything that demonstrates how our daily lives are mirrored around the world.

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