Written by guest photographer: Harry Kerker

Could Vinny have been the first to ReMask?

I’m asked a lot if enhancing your photos with your own masked images is in some way cheating. I quickly remind people that it’s a concept great artists have been using for centuries. Artists like Van Gogh would trek to the countryside, sketchpad in hand. He would sketch a landscape, an unusual tree, a bail of hay, a turbulent sky or a horse grazing in a distant field, then back at his studio he would assemble his sketches into the masterpieces we know today. He didn’t have Topaz ReMask or Photoshop, but his principal of not limiting himself to what was in front of him is the same today. What your imagination sees most times cannot be captured in one shot and you leave a lot on the table if you don’t use all of the amazing digital tools we have at our disposal today.

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Written by guest photographer: Theresa Airey

Color Infrared Technique

Finished shot of the Turtle
My name is Theresa Airey. I am a professional fine art photographer and author. I love to experiment and find new processes and creative ways to express my vision. Infrared Photography has always held my interest as it produces magical, mysterious and sometimes bizarre images and allows us to “see” our world in a different light.

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Nikon D7000, Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5, 10mm, f/11, ISO 400, 9 Exposures

HDR | Urbex

Hi, my name is Scott Frederick and I’m addicted to photography! First, I would like to thank Topaz Labs for inviting me to guest blog for this month’s Pro Insights!

Urban Exploration photography is something I hold very dear to my creative passion. Searching abandoned places is a thrill not for the weak at heart, because dangers lie among them and in some cases you might be breaking the law. I do not recommend anyone to trespass and you should definitely seek permission from property owners. This image was taken inside Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia, where special permission was granted for photography. Unfortunately we were only allowed 2 hours and in this kind of light, that’s not enough exposure time. For this shot, I decided to bracket 9 exposures for the scene and utilize the controversial HDR technique. When HDR is applied correctly it can add beautiful dimension and stylization to your images.

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Written by guest photographer: Blake Rudis

Everyday HDR

Hello my name is Blake and I am addicted to HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography). Sometimes I feel like there should be an HDR Anonymous for people like myself. I can remember the first time I shot a set of brackets for HDR, February 28th 2010 @ approximately 1015 AM. I eat sleep and breathe exposure values and I am not ashamed to say my camera never leaves Aperture Priority mode. If it weren’t for my wife and son, they keep me sane, I would tone map 24 hours a day, 7 days a week skipping mundane meals, like breakfast. I have never been a fan of breakfast.

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