Topaz B&W Effects is often referred to as “black, white and beyond” as it offers many filters that go beyond black and white conversion (Cyanotype, Opalotype and Albumen to name a few of the collections that contain presets outside of the typical grayscale black and white realm).

Photographer and Topaz user Robyn Aber has portrayed this with a single shot of an escalator captured in the Seattle Central Library.  “The Central library has ‘poison’ yellow neon glowing escalators – as you can see in the before shot. They looked very Pop Art-ish to me,” describes Aber. Several derivations were conducted with the original shot shown below from the application of the Topaz B&W Effects collections and filters.

Original image:


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If you’re anything like myself, multiple failures to create a ‘clean’ mask from more advanced images were conducted in Topaz ReMask upon first use of the tool. However, with a little bit of practice along with helpful YouTube tutorials, I became more confident with the program.

Here is a useful method I would like to share with you for objects that are a similar color to the background, in this case product photography. The technique behind it is the editing that takes place after the mask is computed.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 3.55.40 PM

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exeterIn honor of our 50% sale on ReMask for the month of October (coupon code ‘octremask‘), here is a basic sky masking tutorial that celebrates the creative possibilities with the program.

About the photo:  The image used in this tutorial was taken by Gary Lamott and is an iconic photo of Historic Exeter, New Hampshire and the Squamscott tidal river, a copy of which is currently hanging in Congresswomen Carol Shea Porter’s Manchester, NH office as part of her Art on Loan Program.

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