The ability to remove/undo an adjustment can often be just as important as applying adjustments. The new Topaz Adjust 5 features some useful “un-enhancement” tools that can be very helpful during your workflow. Let’s take a quick look at these tools.

The Undo and Redo buttons are probably the most general and commonly used tools for removing (or adding back) effects. The Undo/Redo buttons, located below the preview navigator, are global controls and will allow you to step forward or back through your global adjustments. So if you click on a preset or make a slider adjustment in the Global Adjustment or Finishing Touches tabs then the Undo/Redo buttons will give you the ability to eliminate those adjustments.

You will also notice that the Local Adjustments tab includes its own Undo/Redo buttons. When you need to move backward/forward through adjustments made in the Local Adjustments tab then be sure to use the local undo/redo tools located in the tab. The Local Adjustments tab also includes a local Reset button. This button allows you to reset (or clear out) adjustments made here. It will return your image the the original state before any of your applied local adjustments.

Now on to one of my favorite tools! The Brush Out Adjustment type might be one of the most useful features added to Adjust 5. The Brush Out tool allows you to remove or “brush out” your applied adjustments (added from presets or manual slider adjustments). By setting the Opacity slider, you can determine how much of the effect is brushed out of your image. The Brush Out option makes it easy to rescue skin and skies from the harsh effects that can occurs from your applied adjustments.

You’ll also notice that the Eraser option next to the Brush Out button. (This eraser tool is also available for the other Adjustment Types: Dodge, Burn, Brush Out and Smooth). Now, what seems to cause some confusion is the Eraser option in comparison with the Brush Out option. You may be asking yourself: Are they different? Don’t they do the same thing? Which should I use when? The eraser button is basically a secondary “undo” feature within the Local Adjustments tab. When working with the Brush Out Adjustment Type, the Erase button will remove your applied effect, or in this case it will bring back the adjustments/details that you brushed out.

Using the eraser tool will allow you to erase any of the adjustments made under the specified Adjustment Type (Dodge, Burn, Brush Out and Smooth). This is great for selectively removing the effect, versus using the undo/redo buttons which will affect the entire brush stroke.

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