Creating miniature scenes is a fun way to put a creative twist on any image.

The miniature effect is created with the Created with the Camera – Tilt & Shift effect that is included in Topaz Lens Effects. Here is a basic workflow that you can follow when creating your miniature scenes:

1. Start with your transition at 0. This will allow you to see the full effects of each slider.

2. Select the effect position button to set the position of the effect. You can use the Angle slider for more flexibility in positioning.

3. Adjust the Focus Area Width to include more or less “focused” area.

4. Adjust the blur amount slider, but be sure not to over-apply this parameter.

5. Adjust the transition slider to determine the transition from your focused point into your blur.

6. Use the sliders in the Image Adjustments tab to increase brightness, contrast and saturation to give you image the bold, painted look.

* It is not necessary to use the sliders in the Distortion Adjustments tab when creating the miniature effect. However, you may occasionally find that slightly increasing the distortion scale slider (bringing the scene in closer) can have a pleasing result.

For a video how-to, check out the Miniature Scenes 101 webinar.

Use the Miniature Workflow tips to help you during your miniature creation.

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