In this creative edit, Topaz user Robyn Aber wanted to make an image that would memorialize some aspect of the San Fransciso Museum of Modern Art. As you may or may not know, the SFMoMa has closed until 2016 for major renovations.The image displayed below was snapped at the top level window leading to the rooftop sculpture garden. According to Aber, “post renovation this view may not even exist, given how radical the redesign will be.”


In the after image displayed below, Topaz Clarity was used; tools included the HSL and Masking features (she brought the image in and out of Clarity multiple times, as there is not an Apply button in Clarity yet).  She then took the Clarity result into Adjust to apply one of the painting style filters under Stylized. Some obvious cropping was applied too.


“These images are supposed to be symbolic of the increasing diversity and changing colors of SF…  too subtle for that, eh? Guess most folks wouldn’t read the shift from more monochrome to color as cultural in an architectural cityscape.”

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