If you’re a long time Topaz user then I’m sure you remember Vivacity (no longer offered) and the neat stylized, curly effects that you could create with it. Well, with the right adjustments you can easily recreate these fun effects using Topaz Clean. Now the curly, stylized effect isn’t for every image…as it can be quite over-the-top. However, when used appropriately, you can create extraordinary effects that will add character and pizzazz to your image. You can also target key areas to apply the effect to – hair, eyes, jewelry and foliage are my favorite uses for it.

When creating your curly and stylized effects you can use the VStyle presets as a starting point, and then make some manual tweaks from there. You can click here to download the VStyle Presets.

When making manual adjustments, the key sliders you’ll want to use is the Strength slider (in the Clean tab) and the Accent, Radius and Sharpness sliders (in the Edges tab). The higher you set these sliders the more intense the effect will be.

1. You can increase the Texture slider (in the Texture tab) and this will return some of your image’s original texture and simmer down the intensity of the effect – to achieve a more natural appearance.

2. Targeting key features in your image is the best way (IMO) to use the curly and stylized effects. You can apply the effects to enhance features like hair and eyes in portraiture – use a layer mask in Photoshop to blend in/out any unwanted areas.

3. For thinner curls and swirls, lower the radius slider (in the Edges tab)

4. Adding a curly, stylized effect is also a great way to make use of a previously unusable image!

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