One of the new DeNoise 5 features is a debanding tab on the user interface, used to remove banding noise from images. This new debanding technology tackles dual-directional banding noise, eliminating the long lines that extend across images and restoring image color, detail and integrity.

What is Banding Noise?
Banding noise appears in images as colorful parallel stripes that extend across an image. Banding noise can be horizontal or vertical – depending on the orientation of the camera at the time of the shot. Occasionally you may come across an image that exhibits both horizontal and vertical banding noise.

There are two forms of banding noise: short banding noise and long banding noise. Short banding noise appears in isolated areas of an image, while long banding noise extends across the entire image.

What Causes Banding Noise?
Banding noise is a camera-induced artifact caused by the camera’s sensor. It is typically unpredictable and unavoidable. Banding noise is frequently seen with the use of high ISO speeds, in shadows and in images that have been significantly brightened.

Before DeNoise 5, banding noise removal was challenging, as there were no tools to remove it and very little resources for preventing it. With DeNoise’s debanding tools you can now remove horizontal and vertical long banding from your images.

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DeNoise 5 is a free upgrade to customers who own a previous version of DeNoise or a bundle that includes DeNoise. To access the upgrade, simply download the new version from our downloads page and install it with your existing license key.

Have any questions or comments about noise reduction, DeNoise 5 or the new debanding tool? Ask away below!

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