In traditional photography, a photo negative is what you see on a roll of developed film; the darkest and lightest areas of the image are reversed, resulting in a positive print once taken into the darkroom. It is also possible to create this effect digitally with a single click in a variety of editors.

To create a digital photo negative, both Topaz Adjust and Topaz B&W Effects both have this function under Global Adjustments -> Curve Tool -> Negative.  Additionally Topaz Adjust  has this function under the  Film Collection -> Color Negative.

Topaz B&W Effects, digital Photo Negative, Zebra, topaz labs, interface

photonegativeYou might be asking, “What’s the purpose of reverting an image back to a negative?”.  Artistically this effect can produce some neat results, particularly if you’re into the abstract. Here are some examples of a digital photo negative:

Topaz B&W Effects 2.1:

Photo Negative Jelly Fish © Robyn Aber

Topaz B&W Effects, digital Photo Negative, diamond ring, topaz labs, interface

Topaz Adjust 5:

seattle, space needle, digital photo negative, topaz labs, topaz adjust 5, topaz adjust curves, topaz labs abstract

Photo Negative, spooky tree, workflow, digital photo negative, topaz restyleDepending on whether you want to work in color or black and white, Topaz has developed two great plug-ins that allow for the creation of a digital photo negative with just one click. Try it out for yourself! And be sure to submit your creations to so that we can add them to our gallery!

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