No, there is not a difference in the way your host program allows you to edit with your favorite Topaz programs. Your Topaz programs will behave and process images the same no matter which host program you are using.

The most popular image editing hosts include: Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. However, if you use Aperture, Lightroom or iPhoto, you can still enjoy the use of Topaz plug-ins via the free Topaz Fusion Express add on.  Fusion Express allows users to experience the same Topaz interface and features that Photoshop users have, without leaving their workflow.

What you may not know, is that in addition to Photoshop, Elements, Aperture, Lightroom and iPhoto, there are also several other image editing programs that you can use Topaz with. These programs include: PaintShop Pro, Photo Impact, Serif’s PhotoPlus, GIMP, Painter and Irfanview.

If you do not have a dedicated image editing program, but would still like to use Topaz , then you can use iPhoto (which comes standard on all Macs) or if you are a Windows user you can download the free Irfanview imaging program.

What program do you use Topaz in the most? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

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