Aneta Ivanova is a 23-year old self-taught & self-employed photographer and Computer Science student.  Born in Varna, Bulgaria she currently resides and studies in Germany. Her interest in photography started at the age of 13, and she has not stopped since. Her first interests included shooting experimental self-portraiture in her home, followed by the discovery of fine art and fashion photography.

See below for more some amazing portraiture shots by Aneta, a brief interview and instructions on how to create a double exposure in the digital darkroom.

Double Exposure Portraiture by Aneta Ivanova

Double Exposure Portraiture by Aneta Ivanova

Double Exposure Portraiture by Aneta Ivanova

The models you photograph…are there any certain instructions you give them when posing or does it come naturally to them?

On most of the photos I am my own model, so I don’t need to give any instructions, because I perfectly know what I want. On the other photos the model is my sister. She also knows what to do and doesn’t need any instructions, it’s more like a mind-reading.

Double Exposure Portraiture by Aneta Ivanova


Does pairing portraits with a background come easy or must you test out a variety of backgrounds? Do you have something in mind when the portrait is taken?

Most of the times I know how I’ll be pairing the portrait when I shoot it. All landscapes were shot during my trips, so when I shoot the second part of the image – the portrait – I know exactly what I want.

Double Exposure Portraiture by Aneta Ivanova


Do you always shoot with a digital camera or do you include film photography in the mix? What equipment do you use?

By now I’ve always shot digital. I’m planning on doing a film project, so you can expect that in the future! I use Canon 30d with its kit lens or a Helios 44m 58/2. I use manual camera settings and experiment until I get the desired result.

Double Exposure Portraiture by Aneta Ivanova Double Exposure Portraiture by Aneta Ivanova

Is the same technique used with all digital double exposures? Or are there certain tweaks you use here and there to adjust what has been done?

Yes, I use the same technique in all my double exposures, I try to keep things as simple as possible. The tutorial on how to do this can be seen below:

Double Exposure Portraiture by Aneta Ivanova

What photographers and artists have inspired you?

Rodney Smith is one of my biggest inspirations. The first similar double exposures I saw were these by Dan Mountford and they left a mark in my mind.

See more of Aneta Ivanova’s work here:

Website | Behance | Facebook | Etsy

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