Texture Effects 2 Community Exclusive effects are back! Fall Scrapbook photo effects are now available in the Community. With this collection of borders and stickers, it’s easy to make fall themed photos to share with family and friends! Don’t have Texture Effects 2? Download a free 30 day trial to see what it can do! Running Windows? Click here! Have a Mac? Click here!

Create fun fall borders with ease in Texture Effects 2!

Have a darling photo of your pet or child that you wish was a little more fall-ish? Now, it’s super easy to create fall looks and autumn colors to share with family and friends. There are 5 fall scrapbook effects that are ready for download in the Community! You’ll also be getting an added bonus! In addition to the effects, I have included some stickers to download and import into Texture Effects 2 (you’re welcome). From autumn themed to spooky Halloween borders, these effects are sure to give your photos a fun, fall twist.

How to Access your Autumn Effects in the Topaz Community

First things first, for the community function to properly work for you, you must be running the latest version of Texture Effects 2. To download the latest version just head over to our downloads page.

After updating your plugin, open Texture Effects 2 and then open your image:Texture Effects 2: Opening your imageLocate the Source Button and change the Source to Community:Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Searching the CommunityChange Filter Effects by clicking … (the button with 3 dots) to Search:Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Searching PresetsType in FallScrapbook and hit Enter:Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Choosing a Preset5 The presets will come up! You can easily download only one or all effects to your local machine. Simply click the download button. These effects will then be added into your Downloaded category for easy access. (If you ever can’t find one of the presets, you can search FallScrapbook on your local machine).

Fall Feast Filter Effect

Let’s try to say that three times fast! Add extra glow to those tasty food photos with the Fall Feast Filter. This enhancement features a warm adjustment layer in addition to a soft, subtle blur to create an emphasized focal point.Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Fall Feast FilterTopaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Fall Feast FilterAm I the only one getting hungry right now?

Fall Pumpkin Border Effect

This cute little pumpkin border is sure to soften and warm up your photos, while giving it a fall twist. This enhancement features an added optional “Happy Halloween” to the bottom of the photo that can be turned off. Perfect for any fall card! HINT: Landscape photos work best with this preset.Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Pumpkin Border Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Pumpkin Border

Halloween Kitty Cat Effect

Didn’t have time to dress up for Halloween? Don’t worry. This cute little kitty filter works perfect for any photo human or pet! Each component has been added on a separate layer, so you can move or resize them to perfectly fit every photo.Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Kitty Cat Effect

Halloween Spider Border Effect

Add a little spooky feel to your photo with the spider border. This enhancement features a black border, web, and spider, as well as some minor adjustments to lighting to emphasize detail. This filter is sure to add a spooky vibe to any image. Easily remove or move the spider if you wish. HINT: The web can be moved to any of the four corners by simply flipping the border horizontally or vertically.Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Spider Border Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Spider Border

Fall Leaf Border Effect

Last but definitely not least is the fall leaf border. Add an autumn vibe to any photo. This effect features a leafy border and a basic adjustment layer to enhance and soften the natural beauty of your photo. HINT: This border is set up for a landscape photo. If you have a portrait photo, just turn the border 90 degrees. This will keep the leaves from looking distorted.Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Leaf Border


I’ve included some halloween stickers that can go on any photo and you can place them wherever you wish. You can download them all here. Included stickers are:

  • “Happy Halloween” in Orange, Black, and White
  • Black Bat
  • Two spiders
  • Two pumpkins
  • Cornucopia

If you wish to import your own assets as stickers, the first thing you need to address is to make sure that the background is transparent (like shown below). If your background is not transparent, you can remove it using Remask and here is a great tutorial on removing backgrounds. HINT: All the stickers I have provided already have transparent backgrounds.Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Happy Halloween StickerAfter you are sure your image has a transparent background, click Add Adjustment and choose Double Exposure.

Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Adding a sticker

Once you have the double exposure node open, click on the texture/icon manager icon.

Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Importing a Sticker

I created a new category called stickers. This will keep everything a little more organized. You can do the same if you want. All you have to do is click the Add Category icon in the bottom left and type in your new category name.

Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Creating a Category After you have created a new category, click import to locate them on your machine and import them into Texture Effects 2.

Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Importing Stickers

Here’s all my fall stickers imported into Texture Effects 2:

Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2: Uploading StickersThe default opacity of a double exposure is .50 change to 1.00. Feel free to scale and move the sticker wherever you wish.

Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2 makes adding a Halloween vibe easy!
Topaz Labs Texture Effects 2 makes adding a Halloween vibe easy!

Here’s an example using some of the stickers on a photo of my sweet baby, Ellie, the soft haired wheaten terrier. HINT: To add more than one sticker (like I have done), simply add multiple double exposure nodes!

Why is the Fall Scrapbook Collection so awesome?

Did fall sneak up on you and you didn’t have time to get some cute photos made to share with family and friends? Well, the scrapbook collection solves this! These 5 effects were created to make photo editing effortless for fall. Use these effects on any and all photos!

Thanks for taking time to read about the Fall Scrapbook Photo Effects Collection. I hope you enjoy the presets and allow them to spur your imagination to create your own!

Also, if you would like to see more of Topaz Labs, please check us out on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram and share what you have created. We also have free Webinars and a great Discussion Forum if you want to learn more!


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