Our developers have been cooking up something new, fun and exciting that just might forever change the way we enhance images! This new enhancement tool will introduce a new style of image editing – designed for the everyday photographer. As we prepare for the upcoming public beta release, we are looking for some talented photographers, like yourself, to help contribute to the program’s inspirational library. Here are the details in a nutshell…

The FotoEnvy™ – by Topaz Labs program features new imaging technology, which uses example images to help create digital enhancements. The program will feature a library of beautiful inspirational images featuring beautiful colors, textures, tones and more – visible to all users – that will be used in part to create new enhanced images. We are looking for image submissions that will be included in the library. This is an opportunity to have your work seen and used to inspire other photographers – and yes, you will receive credit for any work that you contribute!

Please note that the images themselves will NOT be altered, manipulated or copyright-infringed on in any way. They will simply serve as inspiration from which the color, texture tone and overall image style will be used to integrated with the user’s image to create a new “inspired” effect.

All submissions will be considered and any selected images will be credited (within the program) to their respective owner.

Submission Requirements

1. You MUST submit the completed release form with your image submissions. Please download the Photo Release Form here.

2. Submission form and submitted images MUST be included in the same email. Please submit completed form and images to: fotoenvy (at) topazlabs.com

3. Images MUST be at Minimum 400 Pixels wide and at Most 1000 pixels wide.

4. Images MUST be in .jpg format

5. Images MUST be named with your first and last name.


Please no more than 5 image submission per person.

Key Details:

Not all submitted images will be used. Selected images will be distributed with the program.

Submitted images will be resized to a maximum of 600×600 for inclusion in the program.

Selected images will be credited (within the program) to their owners. You retain all rights to your images.

There will be no monetary compensation of any type provided for the submitted/selected images.

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