fotoenvy™ Beta Now Available

We are excited about this new experimental photo editing technology and the possibilities it may bring. We hope that though your feedback and suggestions we can develop this into a fun and inspiring image enhancement tool.

Have you ever come across a stunning image that inspired you and wondered how it was created or thought to yourself: “I’d like to do that”? Or maybe you’re interested in having the the ability to enhance photos in just 1-click? If so, keep reading about our new development project!

fotoenvy™ is an experimental editing project – inspired by the everyday photographer. We are exploring new ways of enhancing images, with the goal of simplifying the process while still making it easy to achieve stunning results. This program features a SEE | CLICK | CREATE workflow that allows you to load your digital image, explore an included library of inspiring images and then click on any of those images to create an “inspired” effect in your own image. There are vast possibilities for this type of image enhancement.

This program is designed to help those that are new to post-processing (or those that don’t care to spend a lot of time post-processing) achieve that same “enhanced” look, without having to spend the time or learn advanced processing techniques. If you’re already a post-processing pro then fotoenvy™ may not be a necessary tool for your workflow, but if you do have some free time to check out the program then we’d love to have your feedback!

fotoenvy™ is presently in the development phase and we would like to hear your opinions as we work toward the final product. This is an opportunity for public to influence the development of f fotoenvy™ through constructive feedback, feature evaluation, feature requests, photo contributions towards fotoenvy’s™ inspiration library and more.  

We hope that with your feedback, we can create a powerful and simplified editing tool – that anyone can use.

For more information about fotoenvy™ and access to the beta software please visit:

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