If you’re looking to make stunning HDR-like images (without the busywork) then Topaz Adjust may be right for you. So let’s explore the idea of HDR a little….

What is HDR? Have you ever come across an image that was so surreal with it’s perfectly colored and detailed features? Well, that’s HDR in a nutshell. HDR (High Dynamic Range) captures the full range of luminosity between light (highlights) and dark (shadows) in a scene…meaning that you get a more brilliant and dynamic range of color and detail in your image.

Traditional HDR (processing) is a multi-step process that requires taking a series of images at different exposures (known as bracketing) and combining the multiple exposures during post processing – giving you a perfectly exposed image with an attractive balance of highlights, shadows and details. However, the downside is that the process of creating HDR can often be tedious and time consuming – and difficult to those that are new to HDR.

Creating HDR-like images with Adjust simplifies traditional HDR processing by eliminating the excess shooting and processing steps. Topaz Adjust is unique in the fact that it allows you to take a single image and enhance the highlights, shadows and details in just a few clicks to create a dynamic image that pops. If you are new to HDR processing then Adjust can help you achieve the same type of look with less work. If you a seasoned pro then you might even use Adjust to further enhance your traditionally-processed HDR images – for some added WOW!

Check out the images below to see how easy it is to create HDR effects with a single image. The Adjust-Lite image was processed once through Topaz Adjust and features dynamic color and detail. Adjust-Strong was processed twice through Adjust to give it a stronger, bolder and more detailed HDR-like look. When processing your images, you can apply the effects as strongly or as subtle as you’d like.

HDR with Topaz Adjust

Click on the image above to see larger preview
Learn how to create stunning HDR-like image using Topaz Adjust, demonstrated by professional photographer and BetterPhoto.com instructor, Deborah Sandidge.

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