Interesting in learning how to restore an old image? Check out these steps to see how this scanned image was restored using the Topaz Labs plugins.


1. Scan the original 8×10 image (Epson Perfection V700 Photo scanner at 600 ppi was used for this particular example).

2. Open the image in a compatible host editor (for this particular example Photoshop Elements was used), duplicate the background and take the copy into Topaz Simplify . Use the Simplify Size slider (Simplify module) to take out the majority of blue spots.

3. Nex “brush out” the effect in the subject to bring back the detail (Local Adjustments Module). Individually brush out the smaller blue spots (using the “eraser”) in the subject to maintain as much detail as possible.

4. On a duplicated layer back in PSE, use the Spot Healing Brush and Clone Stamp Tools to remove the remaining larger spots in the subject (and a few in the background).

5. Duplicate the layer again and open Topaz B&W Effects -> Add grain only (Finishing Touches module) to blend back in the smoothed “simplified” areas in the subject. (Note…natural sepia tone is converted to grayscale in B&W Effects).

6. Back in PSE, alter the blending mode of the B&W Effects layer to Luminosity so that the natural sepia tone is now seen with the grain. Create a stamp layer in PSE by holding down the alt/option key and select “Merge Visible” in the Layer menu.

7. Open a duplicated layer into Topaz Clarity for a natural pop of selective contrast. For this part, focus on the Low and Medium contrast controls and raise the Black Level when the shadows block up.

8. Duplicate the layer and bring it into Topaz Detail -> Selectively (using Effect Mask) add large detail enhancement to eyes, select Apply and then adjust overall contrast with the White/Highlight/Shadow/Black sliders.

Hope this gives you some tips on restoring your old photographs! 

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