We’re excited to announce that Topaz Impression has received a minor update to version 1.1! If you already own Impression, this is a free upgrade. Simply go to our downloads page to download version 1.1.

What's new in Impression 1.1

With the update you can now switch between the presets and selective parameters by pressing P (or Shift + P). Many requests were sent in for more master artist effects, so with this release you can find presets including Georgia O’Keeffe, Degas, Rembrandt and more! Read about the entirety of what’s new in version 1.1 below.

What’s new in version 1.1?

1. Split view modes. You can now view the original and edited image in 5 different viewing modes.  

Topaz Impression view modes
Choose between 5 different view options.

2. New Shortcut Keys. These shortcut keys have been added:

  • Zoom in or out: Ctrl/Cmd +,-
  • Switch the preset panel to the selective parameter panel: Shift + P (or simply press P)
  • Cancel: Esc
  • Ok: Ctrl/Cmd + Return (Enter)

3. Added Preferences. The preferences menu now contains these options:Impression preferences

  • Start with example image – allows you to opt out of starting with the default example image
  • Start With Preset Panel – by unchecking this it’ll forgo opening the preset panel by default and instead will open with the selective parameters (or sliders)
  • Update Slider value while dragging
  • High Resolution processing
Impression Preferences
Access the preferences in the top left menu of the user interface.

4. New brushes and presets. 50+ new presets and 3 brushes have been added into the 1.1. update.  In addition, there is one new collection, the Pictorial Collection.

5. New selective parameters. A Coverage Center and Vignette Center have been added. You can now choose where the coverage and vignette is centered on the x & y axis.

6. New zoom options. A new zoom capability has been added in the top left menu of the interface. Impression preferencesWhen zooming in or out, in the top right corner of the interface a navigation screen has been added. Use the mouse to scroll in and out. When zoomed all the way, the ‘+’ navigation option will appear. To make it disappear, zoom all the way out.

7. Background color picker (Mac only). You can now choose a color from your image for the background. Click on the magnifying glass adjacent to the color to sample a hue in your image. Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.11.38 PM

Version 1.1.1

Version 1.1.1 was released on October 31st. Along with minor bug fixes, here’s what’s new:

1. Three new sliders. 

  • Stroke Rotation: rotates the angle of the brushstroke.
  • Rotation Variation: makes the rotation less uniform.
  • Stroke Color Rotation: a stroke paint deviation slider. If your paint color is yellow, then actual shades of yellow will be applied, not one uniform color.

2. New background type option. You now have the ability to use the original image as the background (instead of a solid color). Find this option under the Texture module.

Upcoming Impression Webinars

Be sure to join us for an upcoming training webinar to learn more about editing techniques, creative tricks and how to optimize your use with Topaz Impression.

Introduction to Topaz Impression (10/30) – Topaz Impression turns photos into paintings and drawings like a non-digital artist would: by intelligently applying real brushstrokes to canvas. Join Nichole Paschal as she introduces you to Topaz Impression and demonstrates how to create realistic paintings and sketches from your photos. Register here

Digital Painting with Authentic Results (11/06) – Topaz Impression uses the same method that great painters use: painting brushstrokes one at a time. (It just does this very fast!) Join Nichole Paschal as she demonstrates how to make authentic digital art based upon actual painting techniques. Register here

Expressive Portrait Painting (11/11) – The new Topaz Impression gives you the tools to quickly and easily produce stunningly expressive digitally painted portraits. Join Nichole Paschal as she shows both simple and advanced methods of creating eloquent and natural paintings. Register here

Applying Charcoal and Pastel Effects (11/13) – From coarse and rough to soft and smudged, Topaz Impression can turn your photos into naturalistic charcoal and pastel drawings in seconds. Join Nichole Paschal as she demonstrates how to recreate these looks with just a few clicks. Register here

Watercolor Painting with Topaz Impression (11/18) – With Topaz Impression you can easily recreate the look and feel of a luminous watercolor painting. Join Nichole Paschal as she explores the best brushes, textures and settings that will help you create your own natural looking watercolor paintings. Register here

Photorealism Made Easy (11/20) – Photorealism is a painstaking and rewarding art genre in which an artist reproduces an image as realistically as possible in another medium. Join Nichole Paschal as she demonstrates how Topaz Impression can quickly produce beautifully detailed photorealistic art. Register here

Impression Examples

We love all of the masterpieces that have been shared and submitted by Topaz users. Here are a few highlights:

Be sure to check out the complete Impression gallery! Email your own results to gallery@topazlabs.com and join our user-led Impression group on Facebook.

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