One of the convenient things about Topaz Adjust is the included noise reduction tool, which is great for quickly removing the minor instances of noise that can often arise during your editing.

However, it also seems to cause a little confusion among users when it comes to the Topaz DeNoise program, and frequently I receive questions from users wanting to know if Adjust’s denoise tool is the same as the Topaz DeNoise program.

While it definitely comes in handy at times, the noise reduction tool in Adjust is not a substitute for Topaz DeNoise. Let’s take a quick look at both…

Topaz DeNoise
Generally when it comes to post processing it is best to make sure your image is as “clean” as possible before making any color, detail or special effects adjustments. So in my own workflow I have made it habit to always run my image through DeNoise before moving on to any other adjustments. This is going to help make sure that your other adjustments are clean, crisp and clear.

If your original image is seriously noisy (like the image above) then you will want to use Topaz DeNoise to remove that noise. Since Topaz DeNoise is a full noise reduction program it offers tools for removing noise, color noise and 2-way banding noise. In addition to noise removal, you will also be able to clean color in your noisy image, correct black levels, restore detail, reduce blur and add grain – to help you achieve optimal results. DeNoise is also great if you have to shoot in low light, fast speeds, or other noisy conditions

Topaz Adjust
While still powerful, the noise reduction tab in Topaz Adjust offers only basic noise reduction capabilities. This tool often comes in handy because Adjust can enhances the noise that is already there and sometimes it creates noise as a side effect of the adjustments made. It is best used as a mid-workflow tool specifically for eliminating the noisy affects while working in Adjust.

Adjust allows you to control the noise suppression and amount. The suppression slider controls the amount of noise that is removed. The Amount slider controls the degree of noise suppression applied to the image. You will also notice a small checkbox in the denoise tab which allows you to determine the type of noise reduction that is used. Enabling the checkbox will allow you to process your noise reduction options using Topaz DeNoise. It uses an advanced algorithm, similar to the one in the DeNoise 5 program, to remove image noise. This feature is slower but it will preserve more detail in your image. Disabling this feature will make your noise reduction process fast but simple, and will suppress more detail.

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