Final Edits
An easy landscape tutorial using Topaz Clarity and Photoshop.
by Joe Reardon
  • Location: Schwabacher’s Landing, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
  • Equipment: Nikon D800 wwith a 14-24 MM lens. This is a 5 image HDR, processed in Photoshop HDR Pro. F13 @ ISO 400 +1 +2   &  -1 -2

Step 1

  • Load the image into Photoshop
  • Create a duplicate layer (Ctrl/Cmd + J) and rename to Clarity
No Edits-1
Step 2
  • Activate Topaz Clarity
  • Press ‘Reset All’

Step 3

  • Make adjustments to ‘Dynamics’, ‘Tone’ and ‘Luminosity’ as shown:
Step 4
  • Make adjustments to the ‘Mask Feather’ under the Clarity tab and create a mask as needed:
Split Screen
Split Screen-2
Step 5
  • Flatten image and save

Final Image in Clarity

Final Edits ClarityStep 6 (if needed)

  • Create a new adjustment layer
  • Rename layer to Luminosity
  • Switch to Channels tab
  • Ctrl/Cmd + click the RGB layer to get ‘marching ants’
  • Create a Curves layer and adjust highlights as needed
  • Make sure that the blending mode is set to Luminosity

Marching Ants-2

Highlights Curves Mask

Highlights Full Screen

Step 6
  • Repeat the Ctrl/Cmd + click on the RGB Luminosity layer
  • Create a Curve Layer
  • Select the new curve layer and press Ctrl/Cmd + I to invert the selection.
  • Adjust the curve layer as needed–make sure the blend mode is Luminosity
Darks Curves Mask
Darks Mask Full-1
Step 7
  • Flatten the layer and save as ‘Final Edits’

Final Image

Final Image

About the Photographer:

Joe Reardon is a freelance photographer from southern New Hampshire. Joe’s work is represented by galleries in New Hampshire and in Massachusetts. Joe’s images are also in private collections across the USA and in Europe. His photo website can be found here.


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