Most times after using ReMask in photoFXlab (or the built in masking tool), you’ll want to add in a new background and make some additional adjustments. photoFXlab’s built in layers makes it easy to do this. After you have created your cutout go to the bottom right of the program where your layers are located.

Click on the +File button, which will launch a window so that you can navigate your system to select the background image (from your images) that you’d like to add. Find and select the image to add it.

For those that are making a multi-layer composition, feel free to add as many image layers as you’d like. You can rearrange the order of layers simply by clicking on one and dragging it up or down in the layers palette.

Each layer can be individually resized or moved. To access these options go to your Tools tab – located at the top right hand side of the interface. Here you will find options for layer rotation, movement and scaling.

Make sure you the layer that you want to adjust is selected (will appear highlighted in blue) and then make your desired adjustments.

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