Jeff McPheeters Storm Photography: Lightening over the Lake

Kansas native and avid photographer, Jeff McPheeters, has enjoyed photography of as long as he can recall. While Jeff is known for his amazing landscape photography, learn about the man behind the camera lens and how he finds inspiration in nature.

After reading part 1, continue onto part 2 Catching the Storm with Jeff McPheeters to know how to prepare for photographing weather and then read part 3 Perfecting the Storm with Jeff McPheeters to learn tips and tricks to post-processing weather photography.

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The Skiy is on Fire by Jim Harris

Welcome to another post from our Topaz series, Behind the Lens! Today we’ll be learning more about photographer Jim Harris. Learn how Jim got started and learn about timed exposure, hear about creative challenges, and see a gallery of breathtaking images! Read more of Behind the Lens with Jim Harris…

Behind the Lens with Jim Harris

Under the Creative Influence

I come from a family of talented artists. My Mother dabbled in painting but my Uncle, Marty Gunsaullus, was one of my earliest and main influences. He has made his living as an artist in Los Angeles his entire life. Marty is mainly a painter but he did do a lot with black and white film photography back in his early days. That truly inspired me.

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It’s been a great year at Topaz Labs, we have so much to be thankful for! So, let’s take some time to reflect on the best of Clarity – a plugin that many users are thankful for! While Clarity did not see a major update, there have been bug fixes to this fan favorite. If you aren’t sure if you have the latest version, you can check here.  

Now, let’s reflect on some of the best of Clarity.

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As you’re taking time to reflect upon all your accomplishments this past year and looking forward to what you will accomplish next year, let’s take some time to reflect on the best of DeNoise. It’s been a great year for DeNoise! It saw a major update as well as many added features and bug fixes. If you would like to learn more about the update, read here! Noise due to high ISO, is frustrating! This program makes correcting the issue easy. If you have yet to update your DeNoise, you can update it here!

Now, let’s reflect on some of the best of DeNoise!

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