Correcting Chromatic Aberration with Topaz Clarity

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It is not a feature that every lens is graced with. The ability to bring all wavelengths of color into the same convergence point is ideal with optics in photography, however when these wavelengths of color meet at different positions, the result is chromatic aberration (or color fringing).

Correcting Chromatic Aberration with Topaz ClarityPurple color fringing

Typically a result of a certain focal length or aperture setting, if you ever happen to come across color fringing in a photo you’ve snapped, here is a simple solution on how to fix it using the HSL panel and edge aware masking technology in Topaz Clarity. (If you don’t own a copy, download a free 30-day trial here.)

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Create a Retro Effect with Topaz Adjust

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In this tutorial I will show you a useful workflow for creating a retro looking image. We’ll start with the following procedure:

  1. Apply one-click, darkroom inspired effects to the image at reduced transparencies.
  2. Use the Tone module within Adjust to create a new & unique, retro look.

So follow along and find out how you can achieve a stylized effect using Topaz Adjust!

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Transform Your Photo into a Surreal Work of Art

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In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to extract a subject (in this case a tree) from its background using the Color Range brushes in Topaz ReMask.

We’ll then apply selective adjustments by bringing out the tonalities & exposure in the tree using Topaz Clarity, followed by enhancing the tree’s edge texture using Topaz Clean.

To finalize the image, we’ll bring the background into Topaz Lens Effects to create an abstract, dreamy background.

So if you’re tired of your same ole editing workflow and looking to try something new, download the image to the right (or use your own) and follow along!

Don’t own the plugins used in this tutorial? Download a free 30-day trial here.

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Creative Sky Replacement with ReMask

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The conditions of outdoor lighting and nature can be sporadic. Mother Nature may not always grant you the most ideal weather when on a photo shoot; a flat, cloudless sky reflecting nothingness into the water beneath it may not be something you want to put in your portfolio or share to Facebook & Instagram (as compared to a magnificent painter’s sunset). Enter sky replacement with Topaz ReMask!

Creative Sky Replacement with ReMask 4Knowing when the sky will be a beaut isn’t always easy to detect. Usually post-storm or pre-storm skies can produce interesting lighting as the sun sets, however there is no particular device (to my knowledge) that tells you when the sky will be brilliantly filled with vibrant colors.

Luckily, you can use masking tools, like Topaz ReMask, to replace a boring sky with a more interesting one!

Topaz user Gary Lamott has shared his method for replacing an average sky & water reflection using ReMask, Clarity and PaintShop Pro. So follow along and learn how to transform a plain sky into something worth displaying on your wall! (download example image to the right – photo for personal use only please.)

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The 3-Step Flower Enhancement

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Spring is a time of new life as everything becomes green again. There isn’t a more perfect time to practice macro photography and absorb all the new life that is quickly growing around you. Topaz Labs advanced technology can help you emphasize the intricate details, bring out color, and remove distracting background subjects in all your springtime images. This tutorial uses Clarity, Restyle, and Detail. If you don’t already own these 3 Topaz products, download a free 30-day trial!

About the Image

It was a warm summer afternoon in Texas, when I spotted a row of beautiful sunflowers and decided to snap a few photos including this one:

The 3-Step Flower Enhancement

Here are the equipment and settings for this flower:

  • Camera: Canon Mark III
  • Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm F/4.0
  • Focal length: 70mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Exposure: 1/640 sec at f/4.0

It wasn’t the most ideal shot as the sun was directly in front of me, however if you find yourself in this sort of situation where the image is underexposed or something doesn’t feel quite right, do not fret! I always have in the back of my mind that I can correct it in Topaz later on. Just a friendly remember, it’s better to have an underexposed photo where details can be recovered, than an overexposed one where details are lost and cannot be recovered.

Before we get started, if you noticed that there is a distracting element in your photograph, check out this tutorial, Enhancing Macro Photographyon how to remove it, then head back here to enhance your flower image! If you wish to follow along, you can download the original image or use your own!

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