The Art of Selective Masking with ReMask

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Selective masking can be an important tool in creating original digital art.  Black and white photos are very distinctive and can range form the very subtle to the very dramatic, but there are times when a well-placed touch of color can make a photo stand out in the crowd.

I will demonstate just how easy it is to add a a bit of selective color to photos using ReMask 5 . As I discovered the power of ReMask, it has played an invaluable role in my approach to photography. I am not always looking to demonstrate reality in my work and ReMask allows me unlimited creative possibilities. When traveling I am always looking for subjects I can use in the future with ReMask.

I have also used Topaz B&W Effects in this process. When I am looking to convert color to black and white this is simply the best program there is. The host programs I work with are PaintShop Pro and Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud.  For this tutorial I will be using PaintShop Pro.

The photo I have chosen to selectively mask was taken at the Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington Virginia. It was an honor to see the Marine Corps Graduating Class of Embassy Guards in front of this very famous Memorial.

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