Digital Image to Impression with John Ellingson

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Picture1The image selected by Topaz for this discussion reminded me of the images of the late 15th, early 16th Century German artist, Albrecht Dürer. One of Dürer’s favorite subjects were small animals. His famous Young Hare was done when Dürer was a young adolescent (shown left).

This image could be a photograph, but of course it isn’t. I find inspiration in the great art and artists of the past – particularly the expressionists and impressionists. I am fortunate to live near a city where I can go and see many of the originals. I wonder if Monet was creating his work today if he would be working with oils and canvas or would it be Nikons and Apples?

My goal is also to present the subject as I would if I were presenting it with pigments on paper, canvas or board. I realize that this is an apostasy for the photographic purists. But I will point out that I’m working with digital images, not photographs.

A word about my workflow: I depart from the conventional approach in Photoshop and don’t use their powerful layers tool. I like to make originals each time so I only work in one layer. It is simply a personal choice and I’m not advocating it, just noting it.

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