In addition to star effects and a variety of lighting enhancements, the new Topaz Star Effects™ can also help you create glow in your images. Let’s take a quick look at how it easy it is to create glow effects.

The two main sliders you’ll use to create your glow effect are Glow (located in the Additional Effects tab) and Size (located in the Main Adjustments tab).

Original Image)

1. Use the Selective brush in the Star Settings tab to select your light sources. Set the brush to Show/Add to select more lights sources, and set the brush to Hide/remove to eliminate light sources.

2. Click on the light sources that you want to include/exclude.

3. Go to the Main Adjustments tab and adjust the following sliders:

– Set Luminance to 0

– Set Number of Points to 1

– Set the Spread to 0

– Adjust the Size slider until you are satisfied. The Size will control the size (radius) of the glow. A higher value will render a larger glow effect.

– Set Secondary Points to 0.

– Adjust the Glow slider until you are satisfied. Glow – Creates a glow from the center point of the star effect. A higher value increases the strength (appearance) of the glow.

Important: Both the Size and Glow sliders need to be increased in order to create and see the glow effect.

(After Glow)

Once you’ve create your initial Glow effect using the Size and Glow sliders, you can then add some finishing detail touches. Use the sliders in the Color Adjustments tabs to control the color of your effects. The Ring Flare slider (located in the Additional Effects tab) is also another great finishing touch.

(A little Adjust enhancement)

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