Join passionate artist and oil painter Bobbie Goodrich in this Artistic Topaz webinar that highlights the organic process Bobbie uses to turn her images into fine art using Photoshop, Topaz Glow 2, and Topaz Impression 2. Bobbie demonstrates her process of exploration and creation, showing how Topaz plugins can be used to organically create unexpected styles and looks in RAW to Envisioned .

Recorded: October 18th 2016

About Bobbie Goodrich

Bobbie Goodrich is a fine art photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico whose interpretative artistry is influenced by her years as an oil painter.

Her expertise in developing innovative techniques using imaging software to transform Raw Capture into stunning fine art has gained Bobbie worldwide recognition and reknown to her personal work.

In addition to conducting photographic workshops and tours, Goodrich has produced live webinars for software companies including Topaz, Nik and the North American Nature photography Association (NANPA), in which she introduces her artistic workflow and approach to photographic enhancement of digital images.

She is most recently honored with the front cover and an in depth-interview in the Fall 2015 issue of Photographers Forum Magazine entitled “The Painterly Eye of Bobbie Goodrich“.

More about Bobbie

RAW to Envisioned

Did you enjoy RAW to Envisioned with Bobbie Goodrich?

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