Question: I make my mask, click compute, click OK, and I don’t have a mask. I just have my original photo.
Did you create a duplicate layer before invoking ReMask? Is your auto-layer create feature activated (in the ReMask Menu -> Preferences) After you save your masked image back to Photoshop it will have a transparent background. If you have a duplicate layer underneath the masked layer then you will still be able to see it. You will need to make the original layer invisible or put something in between the masked layer and the original layer so that you can see the cutout.

Question: How do I bring in a new sky (or whatever) and/or how do I move my layers?
Option 1 – You can manually dragging the new background image into the project file that has your mask in it.
To do this go to File -> Open and select the image you want and then click OK to open it in Photoshop. (You should still have your newly masked image open in Photoshop.) You will also want to make sure to unlock the layer if it is locked before you try moving it. Then, go to your Photoshop toolbox and select the Move tool and drag your new background image into the the project that contains your new layer mask. Adding the new background will create a new layer in your project. Drag this new background layer below the layer that has the thumbnail of your masked (cutout) image.

Option 2 – With your newly ReMasked image open, go to File -> Place. Select the new background image that you would like to add and then click “Place”. This will automatically add the new image into your open project file. You can then go to your Layers Palette to see that your image has been added as a new layer. You can rearrange your layers to put the newly added background layer behind your masked (cutout) layer.

Also check out this helpful tutorial on merging and blending.

Question: What are the shortcut keys for the ReMask tools?
You can download the shortcut keys guide here.

Question: How do I save my mask? And/or, I clicked save and it didn’t save my mask?
When you are finished editing in ReMask click the OK button in the bottom right corner of the interface. This will process your change and save the image/cutout back to Photoshop (or your other host program). If it appears that your cutout didn’t save then you probably just have a duplicate image behind the cutout. Go to your layers palette and find the layer underneath your cutout layer and click the eyeball to hide it.

Question: Why am I getting this error “make sure you have enough pixels as Keep and Cut in the selected region”
In order to create your mask, you have to create a complete tri-map using Red, Green AND Blue selections. After you do that you’ll be able to use the compute feature.

Question: I can’t find ReMask in Fusion/Aperture/iPhoto/Lightroom.
ReMask is not directly compatible with these programs. You will need to access ReMask in a program that supports the use of layers and transparency – which is required for the masking process. You can use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or PaintShop Pro. Alternatively, you can use photoFXlab to access ReMask through Aperture, iPhoto or Lightroom.

Question: What is the magic brush and/or what does it do?
The Topaz Magic Brush tool (which becomes available after you select “Compute Mask”) allows you to make intricate detail eliminations and recoveries to selected parts of your image. It will only affect the blue area of your initial tri-map. It will not change your original red and green selections.

Question: My mask is too jagged/transparent? How do I refine it?
You will want to use your Magic Brush to help you cleanup your mask. Working in the Mask view is usually best – although switching between Mask, Keep and Cut is even better for mask accuracy. To remove leftover areas, select the red (cut) brush and click or make short strokes in that area. ReMask will automatically clean up the surrounding area. If you remove too much or need to recover parts of your image then select the green (keep) brush and then click or make short strokes in that area.

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